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How to Improve Productivity and Grow Your Business

How to Improve Productivity and Grow Your Business

Published by Programme B

Research shows that on average, workers are only productive for around 3 hours of every working day. And if you’re running a business, you will want to do something about it.

Time is money, so wasted time means you’re not making money. More importantly, it means your losing money by paying people to not do a lot!

But before you start cracking the whip, consider these tips on how to improve productivity. 

Improve Productivity

Thousands of work hours are lost every year from poor workplace productivity. But it’s not always the employees’ fault. 

Bad management, too many meetings, and even poor decor could be affecting your staff’s productivity. Luckily there are plenty of productivity tips to help you avoid all these issues and get you and your staff get back on track.


Everyone has had a bad manager at some point, but we are all adults and deserve to be treated with respect. Being belittled or micro-managed can damage workplace productivity and overall morale. 

A good manager is honest with employees and works with them on an equal level. They build trust and leave personnel to complete the tasks they are employed to do and should be capable of doing.

This doesn’t mean you should abandon your workforce. But there is a balance between trusting and supporting vs micro-managing and oppressing. Ensure your managers have adequate training and support so they can, in turn, sustain a happy and productive workforce.


Almost half of the employees say meetings are the biggest time-waster in their day. It’s all too easy for a meeting to get off-topic and out of hand. 

Before scheduling a meeting, consider whether it is really needed. Can you give the information in a simpler and more time-effective way, such as a quick email?

Be prepared with exactly what needs to be discussed and ensure this isn’t deviated from unnecessarily. If it is, could the conversation be had another time without the remaining members of the meeting waiting for it to finish?

Ensure everyone at the meeting is there for a reason. Everyone should leave with a task, responsibility, or actionable goal.

Shorter Hours

You might not want to believe it, but research shows working shorter hours helps workers to be more productive and get more done. It helps to prioritize important tasks and get them finished and use time more efficiently.


Much like working shorter hours, working for shorter stints at a time will also help improve productivity. Sitting at your desk for prolonged periods is unhealthy. Concentrating for too long at a time leads to mistakes. 


A person’s surroundings have a big impact on their emotional and mental health. Cold, dark, and dull offices are oppressive and won’t make your staff be more productive. 

Light, airy and warm surroundings will boost workforce productivity and make them feel good too. Being cold or unhappy is a distraction, create a healthy work environment, and watch productivity grow. 

Get More Done

So there you have it, productivity tips to boost and grow your business. Remember your employees are people too. They aren’t always lazy or incompetent, so treat them well and see the benefits!

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Photo by Andreea Ch from Pexels