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How to Destress After a Long Day at the Office

How to Destress After a Long Day at the Office

Published by Programme B

Whether you enjoy your job or you are looking for something else, you’re bound to have days at the office that are tougher than others. When returning home, any worries and anguish should be left at the front door, giving you some much needed ‘me time’ to relax, unwind, and forget about your troubles. Everyone’s relaxation techniques are different. For example, some people will be happy to call a friend, others spend their alone time enjoying magic mushrooms and similar substances (click here to learn more).

If you have high-stress levels and are finding it hard to switch off, here are a few ways on how to destress after a long day at the office.


The best way to calm down and destress after a busy day at work is by meditating. This relaxation technique can reduce stress, control anxiety, and lengthen attention span. Taking thirty minutes after you get home to meditate can take your mind off your workload and help you unwind for the evening. There are lots of apps that you can download on your smartphone that are focused on all things meditation. You could even buy some shrooms online Canada for even more relaxing meditations that can really transport you to a whole new world of calm and serenity.

Play Music

Many professionals love nothing more than to get home and put their favorite music on. No matter what genre tickles your fancy, playing music can have a tangible impact, soothe racing thoughts, and help you destress. Studies have shown that music can slow down your heart rate and decrease blood pressure too. Simply put on a pair of headphones, close your eyes and you will soon calm down and be in a different mood by the time the song finishes. 

Eat Some CBD Gummies

Not only are there many glowing testimonials from individuals who have successfully used CBD products to manage their stress, but there is also a growing amount of scientific evidence that supports this. Most research has been done in rodents as human experiments are costly and legally complicated, but one study did find that CBD improves performance anxiety (for both people with and without social anxiety disorder) when public speaking. Popping a few CBD gummies, which can be purchased from Gold Bee, is an easy, convenient, and effective way of relieving your stress.


Being in touch with your family and friends can help you destress, knowing you have your loved one’s support and guidance as and when you need it. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, you may have to socialize virtually. There are lots of video conferencing tools like Zoom that you can use to connect with your nearest and dearest. If you enjoy gaming, you can connect with players from across the world and play craps online.

Go for a Walk

Some people find it hard to get comfortable inside if their mind is filled with anxiety and worry. If this sounds like you, getting out in the fresh air and going for a walk can be a great way to change your mindset and help reduce stress levels. Exercise is a fantastic stress buster and can improve workplace productivity. Whether you go for a brisk walk or run, you will notice the health benefits immediately. 

Have a Hot Bath

Many people love a hot soak in the bath after a stressful day at work, especially if they get to use bubble bath, artisan tallow soap, bath bombs, and the like. Relaxing in the bath can help lower blood pressure, relieve muscle tension, improve your sleep, and lower blood sugar. Other reasons to have a hot bath include improving your blood circulation and keeping your skin healthy and moisturized. To create a soothing experience, make sure you pick the right bath products that will let you appreciate the sensations and scents associated with them.

Your happiness and well-being should come before anything else. So, if you’re having difficulty switching off from work once you arrive home, all the activities above can be great stress relievers and help you relax.

Photo by Lucas Oliveira from Pexels