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Top Japanese Swords Secretes You Should Know

Top Japanese Swords Secretes You Should Know

Published by Programme B

Unique. Classy. Strong. These are the things that define samurai swords. Designed to give you a taste of Japanese culture, samurai swords are traditionally manufactured by swordsmiths. So, if you want to learn more about samurai swords, keep reading. This guide is going to take you through the Japanese Samurai Swords secrets you didn’t know.

Smelting steel

The traditional samurai swords are typically fashioned from pure steel. In most cases, the steel is smelted in 3 days and 3 nights. During this time, an ancient technique is used to shovel over 25 tons featuring iron-bearing and charcoal. The charcoal contains carbon—which gives the source of fuel. This is don’t at a temperature of around 2,500°F. This helps turn the iron ore into pure steel—which yields 2 tons of tamahagane.

The Masterpiece

The Japanese swords are is made with a lot of precision. The melding is impeccable—making it one of the most quality swords in the world. Even more, the aesthetic beauty of this sword is good. Still more, the katana sword is skillfully engineered—which explains why it’s highly regarded by the Japanese people. Unlike other swords that were designed to slash, the katana sword comes with 2 types of steel—which gives it an optimum quality. Plus, the engineering used to manufacture the katana is highly advanced, making it a unique sword for any household.

The steps involved in making the katana are intense and highly regulated. They include:

  • Dissolving of carbon
  • Removing the impurities
  • Forging the sword
  • Curving the blade
  • Coating the katana
  • Polishing the blade
  • Adding the final touches

Japanese Sword

By definition, a Japanese sword is a cutlery tool manufactured using the original Japanese methods. Of course, it was considered as a weapon tool, it was originally used for admiration purposes. That’s why the katana swords come with a high level of aesthetics.

Western Swords versus Japanese Swords

Unlike the Japanese swords, western swords are only designed for chopping purposes. Plus, western swords can be used to fight against numerous enemies. On the other hand, Japanese swords are explicit. They are designed to cut across a smaller number when it comes to fighting enemies. This makes Japanese swords unique and treasured.

Katana Swords

It’s important to note that the katana is a type of Japanese sword. Featuring a blade length of more than 60cm, the blades are sharp and strong. These Japanese swords appeared in many films, including the ones that centered on the katana.

Why Does Samurai Swords Have 2 Japanese Swords?

Most samurais have two swords. This is adopted across all samurai swords—including the katana ones. The main swords are known as the Whonsashi while the subsidiary sword is referred to as Wakizashi. In ancient times, the law (i.e. EDO period) required all samurais to wear 2 swords.

The Bottom-Line     

The above are the main secrets of the samurai swords. From the manufacturing process to the masterpiece—these are the unique features that make the Japanese swords unique and classy. Invest in samurai swords and have a taste of Japanese culture.

Photo by Happy Pixels from Pexels