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The most mysterious stories about casinos: mysticism or deception?

The most mysterious stories about casinos: mysticism or deception?

Published by Programme B

Almost all gamblers are superstitious. They believe that inexplicable forces will help them win a huge jackpot or, conversely, mix cards, and turn luck away. Stories about otherworldly phenomena and ghosts in casinos are overgrown with legends, and, naturally, attract even more visitors to these establishments.

Mystical stories about otherworldly forces and phenomena in gambling houses are very popular not only among gamblers but also among fans of everything mysterious and inexplicable. No one has yet been able to figure out the motives of the mysterious ghosts, and it is unclear whether they exist at all.

Let’s remember the most mysterious stories associated with mysticism and casinos.

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Charlie’s Ghost and the Phone Bill

The story of how the ghost of Libby’s lover helped a girl to win at the card table is respected by poker players. Libby’s gambling fiance Charlie, during his lifetime, preferred to spend free time and money in Las Vegas. Libby loved him very much and after Charlie’s death, she grieved for a long time. She decided to go to Las Vegas to see the place where her fiance liked to relax and started the game. After crossing the threshold of the casino, Libby mentally turned to Charlie’s spirit and asked him to help her win. The fact is that the girl at that time urgently needed money. She received a bill for the phone with a rather impressive amount ($ 2,000). Surprisingly, Charlie’s ghost heard her request. The girl started playing poker and won $ 2,200 in an hour.

Libby shared this story with her friend Vern. He was about to go to the casino for the weekend and joked that she would “borrow” Charlie for him. The girl again mentally asked the spirit of her lover to go with Vern and help him win. The next evening, Libby received a joyful message from Verne that he had won $ 23,000 at the casino. This story formed the basis of the novel The Ghosts of Madison.

The Influence of Mystical Egypt on Online Casino Games

Could you ever assume that the idea and concept of gambling originated in ancient Egyptian civilization? In ancient Egypt, gambling was accompanied by religious rituals, horoscope reading, and astrology.

Nowadays, gambling and betting are rare in Egypt. There are only a limited number of casinos here, which are only for tourists, and the Egyptians are prohibited from visiting them. But what is surprising is that all traditional casinos and online casino sites – without exception – contain games in the style of the pharaohs. What is the connection between ancient Egypt and gambling?

Throughout history, Egypt has witnessed the emergence of many adventurers looking for the treasures of the pharaohs buried under the desert sands. Despite the enormous danger associated with the study of antiquities, the treasures of the pharaohs remained their main task! After all, having discovered a cemetery or archaeological statue, the discoverer is automatically credited to the ranks of the most important archaeologists in the world and becomes one of the richest people.

Besides, the language of the ancient pharaohs was not based on abstract letters. The writing of the ancient Egyptians is more like symbols. This fact gave a sense of mystery. The ancient civilization of the pharaohs, mysterious treasures and symbols – all this contributed to the development of the theme and style for creating online casino games on sites such as Casinorex online casino.

Girl in a Vintage Dress and Successful Game in Roulette

This story could be shot like a mystical film. It took place in one of the casinos in Los Angeles, very close to Hollywood. The young man came to the casino and had a good time there. He was so tired that he fell asleep in one of the far corners of the game room. The casino was near empty and the young man woke up only because he gamblfelt someone looking at him. The player opened his eyes. Before he was a beautiful stranger in an old dress. She silently looked in his direction, and then went to the roulette table, which immediately began to spin. The girl watched the mechanism until the wheel stopped. And then the ghost of the stranger disappeared. The young man approached the gaming table with fear and found a ball in one cell. It is not known for certain what happened: maybe the man had a dream. But he remembered the result on the roulette. And when he came to the casino again, he made a bet on the number suggested to him by the ghost of the girl and received a very large win.

Restless Souls at Bally Casino

The ghosts from the Bally casino located in Las Vegas sometimes prefer to frighten the guests of the establishment. Superstitious gamblers claim that these are the souls of those killed in a fire that broke out in an entertainment complex in 1980. At that time, the MGM Grand hotel and, of course, the casinos were very popular, thousands of players came here. The hotel building consisted of 26 floors with 2084 hotel rooms. The guards noticed the fire early in the morning when many of the guests at the hotel were still sleeping, so they did not immediately smell the burning. It was not possible to save everyone, 85 people died in this accident. A few years after the fire, a new entertainment center, Bally, opened its doors here. And then casino visitors began to notice a couple of ghosts in the gambling hall more and more often. At first, people were very frightened, they jumped up from their seats, ran to the exit. However, nowadays people come to this particular casino with the hope to “see the ghosts”.

Perhaps these ghosts are just a clever publicity stunt to draw the attention of visitors to this gambling house. After all, some gamblers come to the Bally casino hoping to see the poltergeist, which has become a kind of visiting card of the institution.

Mystical Stories of Casinos in Monaco

The dwarf state of Monaco is famous for its elite casinos. A lot of tourists come here, and some of them are attracted by mystical stories. There are legends about gamblers committing suicide over big losses. Allegedly, the owners of gambling houses buried these people without traditional religious rites, so as not to scare away other guests of their establishments. And now the angry ghosts cannot find peace and wander through the halls of new and old casinos, looking for a reason to take revenge. And now in most casinos in Monaco, employees do not deny these rumors and legends. The interest of those present is fueled by the display of video from surveillance cameras, capturing the silhouettes of ghosts.

Of course, there are many such stories. Believe in them or not, it’s up to you.

Photo by Oleg Zaicev from Pexels