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8 Key Advantages of Epoxy Floor Coatings

8 Key Advantages of Epoxy Floor Coatings

Published by Programme B

Whether you’re a homeowner or a business with concrete floors, you probably know the advantages of getting your floors polished by an excellent floor polishing company. Not only will your polished floors shine beautifully, but the polish is usually guaranteed to last a lifetime with proper maintenance. 

In addition, concrete polishing is more cost-effective than carpeting or hardwood flooring. It’s also more environmentally friendly and reduces your household footprint. However, many fans of floor polishing go the extra mile and invest in epoxy coatings for their floors. Here are some unique benefits epoxy coatings provide for homeowners, industries, and commercial businesses: 

#1 Greater Aesthetic Appeal

Although a polished concrete floor looks gorgeous, a polished floor with an epoxy coating can look even more stunning. Epoxy coatings add a seamless glossy finish that’s without parallel. 

#2 More Aesthetic Options

You can choose from various colours for your epoxy coating to transform the look of your floor or to complement the surroundings. For example, many homeowners prefer light gray for their garage floors because it’s beautifully vibrant yet hides imperfections and dust too.

#3 Easy to Maintain

Floors with epoxy coating are easy to maintain. Simply wipe your floor with a mop and a bucket of water to keep it in pristine condition. You can use a gentle cleaner like a little dishwashing liquid for stains but avoid more abrasive chemicals. 

Tougher stains from grease and engine oil can be a little more challenging to remove. Usually, a dilute solution made with water and a little ammonia can do the trick.

#4 Eco-Friendly

From the right company, you can get eco-friendly epoxy coating services. Unlike other flooring enhancements, epoxy is also considered greener.

#5 Better Air Quality

Unlike hardwood and other materials, epoxy floors are nonporous. In other words, they don’t trap mold, mildew, dust mites, bacteria, allergens, or moisture, which are bad for the air quality. Such pollutants can be especially harmful to people who are in contact with them for long periods. 

#6 Improved Safety

Many people assume that epoxy floors are dangerous to walk on because they’re so shiny. On the contrary, such floors have enhanced traction thanks to the fine grinding process from the polishing machines. There’s a lower risk of a slip-and-fall mishap at your home, eatery, office, warehouse, or factory with such a floor. 

#7 Water Resistance

Epoxy concrete floors also breathe, causing dampness to dissipate more readily. So, people walking on a freshly cleaned polished floor are less likely to slip. Epoxy floors are also more durable than tile flooring, carpeting, or hardwood flooring because they’re more water-resistant. 

#8 Long-Lasting

Suitable epoxy coatings shield your floor from extreme temperatures, abrasion, moisture, and corrosive fluids. In fact, many epoxy floor coatings are known to last as many three decades, depending on foot traffic, maintenance, and spills. For example, your epoxy coating will have a shorter lifespan if you spill hydrogen peroxide on it every day. 

These are eight key advantages of getting an epoxy coating for your floor. For the best results, use the services of a locally owned and operated company that has many years of expertise in floor polishing.