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8 Things You Should Know Before You Join a Motorcycle Club

8 Things You Should Know Before You Join a Motorcycle Club

Published by Programme B

If you are a motorcycle aficionado, maybe it is time that you join a motorcycle club. These are clubs that specialize in motorcycles, and if you join one you are sure to find people who are just as passionate about motorbikes as you are. However, before you join a motorcycle club, you should find out a few things first. Below we will discuss some of the things you should know before you join a motorcycle club. 

1. Make Sure They Are Not Into Anything Illegal

Before you join up with any motorcycle club, you should make sure that they are on the right side of the law. You don’t want to join only to find out that they are peddling drugs on the side. Although this may seem far fetched at first, you should remember that some motorcycle clubs in the ’70s and even until the present day have dealt with drugs. So before you join any motorcycle club, you should do a quick background check on them.

2. They Should Consist of Experts

If there is one pre-requisite in joining a club, it should be that they consist of experts. You don’t want to join a club full of beginners, where you’ll be the one that has to teach them about motorbikes. You want to join a group that knows its stuff and will help you grow as a motorcycle enthusiast. Aside from being well-versed with the kinds of motorcycles, the group should be made up of highly skilled mechanics that could help you perform proper maintenance on your vehicle.

3. Learn the Club’s History First

Photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels

Aside from the group being legit, you should also look into the motorcycle group’s past. Remember that even if the club is legit now if it has a criminal past, it may still come back to haunt you. You may even gain a bad reputation in the long run. It is also important to know what type of motorcycles your group dabbles in. 

Does your club like Harleys, Ducatis, or Yamahas? It is important that you know, that way you will be able to fit into the group without any need to buy a new motorcycle. By knowing your club’s history, you could also entice other motorcycle enthusiasts to join by telling them old stories of your club. 

4. There Should Be a Well-Defined Hierarchy

One of the most important things that a motorcycle club should have is a well-defined hierarchy. Although you don’t want a dictator for your club, you should also have a central authority. If the club had no set hierarchy, then nothing would get done. 

For example, the club wants to hold a charity motorcycle event. However, certain factions within the club are disagreeing on the theme and locations. By having a well-defined hierarchy within the club, a lot more work could get done without any unnecessary bickering or infighting taking place. 

5. Safety is Key

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Riding a motorcycle is inherently dangerous. You are riding a thousand-pound hunk of metal at hundreds of miles an hour. One wrong move could get you and other people horribly injured. So it is important that your motorcycle club prioritizes safety as much as possible. They should have rules and protocols concerning proper motorcycle maintenance and what gear to wear during rides. 

The club should also know where to get the best biker gear such as helmets and biker goggles. It should ideally provide members with key information such as where to buy wholesale biker goggles. Specific pieces of information such as these are just some of the perks of joining a motorcycle group.

6. It can Get Expensive

Before you join any motorcycle group, you should know that it could get pretty expensive in the long run. Remember that motorcycles are beautiful pieces of machinery. Each and every part is specifically made for a single task and most clubs specialize in taking these machines apart and enhancing them in every way possible. The club could also have a private garage where you could perform proper maintenance on your motorcycle. 

So it goes without saying that motorbike riding and anything connected to it will cost you money. Not to mention the fact that motorbike clubs usually ask for a membership fee, and there are projects such as motorbike customization that all group members will have to pitch in. So if you are going to join a motorcycle club, you should make sure that you have the budget for it.

7. It Should Not Feel Like a Gang

The club should never under any circumstances feel like a gang.  It should feel like a group of friends that share the same hobbies and interests. If it starts feeling like a gang or a cult you should leave. If the club has any affiliations with radical movements that compel you to take an aggressive stance against a specific demographic, you should definitely leave. The club should be a positive influence in your life, not one that could lead you to danger. 

8. The Logo is Key

Although this may seem trivial at first, however, you should really take your club logo very seriously. Remember that the club logo represents your club as a whole, and if your logo is lackluster or worse downright ugly, then your club will just be a laughingstock, and who would want to pay thousands of dollars to join a club with an awful looking logo? So make it a priority to choose a club that has a great looking logo. The logo should represent everything your club stands for, and it should make other people want to join up. 


Joining a motorcycle club is a very exciting and life-changing event. So before you choose to join any club, you should be as discerning as possible. With this article, you’ll be able to choose the best motorcycle club for you.

Photo by Romina Ordóñez from Pexels