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9 Simple Tips to Save and Eat Vegetables

9 Simple Tips to Save and Eat Vegetables

Published by Programme B

These days it’s hard to cook tasty meals every day, especially because there are many things to do. Except for work, you should leave some time for relaxation. These tips will help you have a couple of hours for Netflix or CasinoChan and eat fresh vegetables daily. 

Get the Freshness Back Into Vegetables

Everyone can find themselves in a situation where vegetables have become stale and no longer look as appetizing and juicy as before. Try holding them in vinegar water. This will help them regain their former freshness.

Ripe and Juicy Fruit

If a few of the fruits in your grocery cart haven’t yet reached maturity, help them do so. Place them in the same paper bag as an apple overnight. The latter contains ethylene gas, which has a revitalizing and invigorating effect.

Give a Golden Color to Carrots and Onions

For onions and carrots to brown faster and get a stunning golden crust, you should sprinkle them with a pinch of sugar. If the onions are fried alone, you can sprinkle them with a little flour to get a golden color.

Peel Tomatoes Quickly

This process can take only a few minutes and require minimal effort. Just rinse the tomatoes with boiling water and leave them for a few minutes. Drain the water and pick up the skin, it will easily come off on its own.

Keep Bananas Fresh for Longer

Lovers of sweet and delicious bananas know that this fruit does not keep for very long. To keep bananas fresh, you really need to try very hard. If you wrap the stub of the bunch with duct tape, the fruit will begin to darken a full 3-5 days later.

Save Pineapples

To keep pineapples juicy and tasty for as long as possible, it is better to store them upside down. This makes them ripen more quickly. It is also important to cut off all the leaves.

Store Celery

Celery is a product that is definitely worth including in your diet. Firstly, it has a negative caloric value, and secondly, it is a valuable source of vitamins and minerals. It is better to store celery in foil. This way it will last in the refrigerator for a month longer.

Make Vegetables Crispy

Wilted celery, radishes, and carrots can be made crispy again if you put them in a dish with cold water and slices of raw potato.

Protect Lemon From Drying Out

When a recipe requires a few drops of lemon juice, it is best to pierce the lemon with a nail and squeeze out the desired amount of juice.

Photo by Sinitta Leunen from Pexels