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Published by Leonardo Calcagno

People invest in generating income for their future. Investments are considered the most beneficial mean of income both domestically and offshore. 

In many offshore investment countries, Canada is on top of the list. It introduced the investment plan in the 1980s so the foreign investors get attracted to invest in Canada. 

Offshore investment companies are open for the world to buy and sell shares, products, and precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum. 

Investing overseas provides fewer tax benefits because you keep your money in an area, not in your residential country. 

Offshore investment is in the long run in real-time. People love to invest overseas because it is considered safe, private, and legal.

If you are interested in the overseas stock, take a look at these beneficial tips. 


Tip 1. Financial Sector Conduct Authority Registered Advisor: 

Suppose you are about to invest in offshore companies. The first step you should take is to hire a financial advisor registered from Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA). Be aware of any scam for the assurance. 

Take advice from your financial advisor to invest in the Canada Residency program. 

After that, discuss all the points which are important to keep in mind before investing offshore. You should do your homework heartily so that you can make the right decision. This tip will work wonders to make you safe from any risks. 


Tip 2. What Is Your ‘Why’ for Offshore Investment?

Determine the reasons to invest offshore such as in Canada. It will give you clarity of mind. 

  • Why do you want to invest in an overseas company? 
  • What do you think is the reason to take such a big risk?

These could be some of the reasons: 

  • Diversification benefits
  • Reduced emerging-market risk
  • Reduced currency risk
  • Maintenance of ‘hard’ currency spending power

Tip 3. Money Exchange:

Another lifesaving tip is to use the conversion method. Before investing in an offshore stock or company, exchange your money via your bank account or use the forex service. Many of the financial advisors advise using the forex service. 

For instance, Canada accepts Canadian currency so make sure when proceed with your investment to exchange the currency.

Tip 4. Find a Product That Meets Your Objective:

Your financial advisor must determine the product in which you are going to invest. This product must meet your investment objective. 

In Canada, Residency is the best option to invest in. It can be rented out and you can also stay in it after your retirement. 

Tip 5. Documentation Is a Life Saver:

Documents are the essentials that one always keeps in a safe and sound place. While investing offshore, SARS requires you to show your worldwide income. You will be declaring your SA tax returns of offshore investments. 

For that, keep all your documents ready well before time. 

 People invest offshore because they think that it is reliable and safe. Most of all, investing overseas is legal, so that one can go blindly for this investment method. 

The other thing is, investing in a country you are not familiar with is a great risk. To avoid risking your savings, you can hire a certified financial advisor who can deal with all your matters offshore. 


Bear in mind while investing in another country to exchange the currency well before the investment procedure takes place. 

Furthermore, your tax clearance should be documented so that you can appear clear in SARS documents. 

Last but not least, determine you’re ‘why’ of investing offshore. For making the right decision, follow these tips to excel in your offshore investment.