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Why it’s important for dads to get life insurance

Why it’s important for dads to get life insurance

Published by Programme B

Truth is, being a dad is an incredibly rewarding job but it comes with a load of responsibilities. Protecting your family’s future is your ultimate goal.

The recent events have driven up the cost of living thereby making it harder for parents to raise their kids comfortably. But you can easily secure the future of your children by putting in place a sound financial plan.

Life insurance offers an excellent way for dads to protect their children’s interests. With it, you will find comfort in knowing that your family is well protected and provided for even after your demise.

Here are some of the reasons why every dad needs to have a life insurance plan.

Protect your family

For most dads, protecting the family is a sense of duty and responsibility. Historically, dads have been known to be most household’s breadwinners.

Between mortgage payments and meeting household expenses, paying for everyday costs of living, and covering childcare, without your income your family could be in for a rough ride.

A life insurance policy offers your family much-needed support if the inevitable happens. This is particularly crucial for the self-employed and young dads whose families may struggle to sustain their livelihood without access to their income.

Provide for your kids

Providing for children is any dad’s first priority. But raising kids can be expensive especially when the family depends on one person’s salary. Studies show that it costs over £150,000 pounds for couples and approximately £180,000 pounds for single parents to raise a child up to the age of 18.

There are numerous sad stories about children whose lives changed for the worse when their dad passed away. Think of it this way, what would happen to your young family if your income was abruptly taken away from them?

Taking out a life insurance policy will ensure that your children can pursue their education if you depart unexpectedly. The life insurance payout that your family receives can also help to provide for them until when they can stand on their own.

Enhance financial security

Most dads want to be sure that their children are well taken care of and comfortable even in their demise. But based on the recent turn of events, it’s evident that the economy can crumble in a flash and expose even the well prepared. A good example is the current global pandemic which has led to rampant job loss and closure of businesses.

A life insurance policy not only provides for a good college education for your kids but also helps them finance other life ventures such as starting a business or getting married.

Pay off your debts

Outstanding debts such as mortgage payments, student loans, and car loans can quickly deplete your family’s savings. One of the benefits of life insurance is that it helps cover your mortgage payments if you pass away unexpectedly. This is comforting if your biggest concern is ensuring your spouse and kids do not lose their home even after you are gone.

A life insurance policy can help clear all your outstanding debts and ease the strain caused by them on your family. Your debts should not add to the emotional burden that your wife and children are already going through after your loss.

Gives you peace of mind

Nothing matters more in life than enjoying peace of mind. Just the thought of knowing your wife and kids will be protected if the inevitable happens allows you to rest easy. You also don’t have to worry about their financial future when you are gone.

Life insurance policies are designed to provide protection against life uncertainties. A good plan provides your family with some form of financial assistance to help them maintain their current lifestyle.

Leave an inheritance

Most dads want to leave an inheritance or gift for their children which they can use to pay off student loans or pursue higher education. Remember, we are living in extremely difficult times and every pound counts now more than ever.

Even without leaving behind any tangible assets, a life insurance policy can help you create an inheritance for your dependents. As a father, solidifying your kid’s financial future will give you the much-needed peace.


There are many reasons why it’s important for dads to take out life insurance. This policy not only helps to secure the future of your family once you are gone. It also allows you to rest easy knowing your loved ones will be taken care of in your absence.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels