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How to Bet on Tennis: Ultimate Guide for Beginners

How to Bet on Tennis: Ultimate Guide for Beginners

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For the past ten years, the tennis sport has been a little bit of a double-edged sword, especially on the men’s side. Well-known players in this sport or the so-called “Big Three”, namely Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, and Roger Federer ruled the roost of the game and have won 18 of the last 21 rounds. Although the cash lines are typically very steep in their matches and very big bets are essential to make serious money, the sport’s predictability could result in profitable bets on the other hand. But, the share of dominance has been passed down greatly to the tennis female league when Serena Williams was declared as the winner of the Grand Slam calendar from the end of 2014 to the beginning of 2015, holding all four main titles simultaneously.

With all these scenarios jotted down, many of you get this question, “Can you earn or make money from betting on this sport?” Definitely YES! But be careful though, because as long as the players mentioned above continue to dominate and lead the scoreboard, a bit of creativity can be required.

In today’s post, you’ll learn five of the best tennis tips and strategies, especially if you’re a beginner. Start the season right with this ultimate guide to tennis betting and discover other interesting facts about sports betting.

Head-to-Head Record

Having to determine which team player you think has the higher chance of winning is the first step before placing your bet. You can use tools, like MatchStat to see if there was a history of matches between those two players and you can use that as your reference for the next match. For instance, the larger the sample size of matches among players, the more likely it predicts what will happen in future matches. Whatever the case, you still have to be cautious about your instincts and about the fact that oddsmakers have the same data at hand. Bettors will most likely gain an advantage when they bet on less-known players or matches in which their opponents have not met each other much in the past. This may result in keen tennis observers who would probably bring it in time if a lot of players will need to know how to make a bet.

Pay attention to the player’s den.

Just like any sports athlete, tennis players also have an edge over their matchstick when it comes to the playing ground. You can’t say that Lebron James, an NBA player, will beat Andre Agassi, an Eighth-time Grand slam champion, in a tennis match because obviously, both players have different sports knowledge, interests, and expertise. However, if you’re new to betting on tennis games, it may be tough to choose which player you think will win the match. This seems complex but it’s not. Try to do some research about each player and observe certain players who are always being put to participate in a head-to-head match. For example, Rafael Nadal dominates on a clay tennis ground more than on the grass kind and has won 12 major titles on a clay tournament. As a result, according to bettors, Nadal has been the top favorite among the tennis players to bet on clay tournaments. Pay careful attention to the surfaces they play on when researching head-to-head tendencies between opponents because when two opponents meet 10 times but played on hard court or grass all previous matches, that information won’t do much good to predict who’ll win on clay.

Recent form matters.

When doing your research about the player’s den or dominance playground, never forget to include acknowledging their past game performances. Evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, understand their forms of strategy or how much preparation they need to win big championship titles. Learning these factors will give you a distinct advantage. In tennis, the player’s probability of winning can be determined in what form they are in, currently. For bettors, it’s one of the most important factors to rely on when placing your wager. Some tennis players even use the “safe zone” or miss several small tournaments, intentionally to be ready for major tournaments. With all this being said, this raises the inevitable debate “rest vs. rust” that is popularly discussed among many team sports. While some may not play well when not assessed lately, some veteran players may benefit from the majority. So write down everything you know, see, and hear from the social media influencers or sports news before you bet on tennis matches and avoid failing on your first day as a bettor.

Find props for better payouts.

Remember the article’s introduction about making money from betting on tennis? It turns out Moneyline is the easiest and safest method of betting since bettors only have to wager on a specific team to win a game. In the early rounds of tournaments, famous tennis team players Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic often have money lines of -5000 or greater. Probably, on team tournaments like this, most bettors may not be willing to win small paybacks from betting large sums of cash. However, when these players compete, there is always a chance bettors win bigger and better paybacks. In betting, make sure to look at different advantages offered by tennis matches rather than relying only on Money lines. Make a quick guess or conclusion, such as Federer won his first-round match and luckily won in straight sets. Ask questions like, “can a weaker opponent save a set, or can the favorite player be turned into five sets?” These anticipations and assumptions may save you from losing all your money on betting. 

To guide beginner bettors, set betting is just one example of how one match can be turned into a match that can pay good amounts. Other than bets, you should also bet 50/50 offers, such a number of games played or spreads. 


Try your luck on Future bets

Aside from set betting, you can also bet on futures if you want to earn a nice payout through tennis betting. In major tournaments, future bets are more common. All that will make up the tournament is nonetheless provided who will win his quarter. Before the Australian Open began, many considered Novak Djokovic as the most likely to win the tournament in 2020. The event was somewhat shocking, however, to see that he had a +120 chance of winning the title. Before Thiem was defeated, Djokovic lost just one set to the last. 

Although Djokovic’s supporters may have been concerned about the final, he was definitely not checked in the past six matches. So, one might argue that Djokovic was a robber at the most chance for such a tournament. The chance was far later on the women’s side. Serena Williams dominated the sport throughout her career, but she won just one of the past 13 major competitions. Thus, by selecting the women’s champion in recent major competitions there was plenty of value. You can get a good payday on the next major if you do the right study.

Whether you’re a beginner wanting to learn sports betting or a professional switching to explore a different sport, it is essential to undergo proper research or study first before getting into this industry. Such activities mentioned here are not just a walk in the park. It will require patience, understanding, and knowledge if you really want to pursue getting involved with sports betting in the future. The information shared in this post may not answer all your questions about tennis betting, but this can serve as a beginner’s ultimate guide or know-how when it comes to betting in tennis sport. 

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels