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How To Prepare When You’re Expecting a Baby

How To Prepare When You’re Expecting a Baby

Published by Programme B

Expecting a new baby is a wonderful time in any parent’s life. It’s a time of excitement, wonder, and awe. Whether you’re picking out a crib and sheets for your new baby’s nursery or reading online reviews for the best baby appliance (buy things that are dishwasher safe, thank us later), there are a lot of details that you have to focus on between dodging COVID-19 as you go to the technician for an ultrasound. So, which appliances are actually worthwhile? What do you need to do to really be prepared for a newborn? Read on for a few tips that will get you started on the right path.

Get your whole house ready, not just the nursery.


You will want a reliable stroller to travel with your baby, mixx at the Nuna website is an incredibly versatile pram and car seat all in one. It’s perfect for traveling as it folds up nice and flat to fit into small spaces, and the tires are durable for any tough terrain you may face. Your stroller will be one of the most important pieces of baby equipment you will need so it’s worth investing in a good quality one for all your traveling needs! One with many useful features to make your life easier will be ideal, as traveling with a baby can be challenging sometimes so the right pram will make this much easier for everyone involved.

The nursery is the most fun to plan; that’s for sure. Picking out pillows, drapes, dolls, and baby sheets is the best. That being said, you need to get the whole house ready for the arrival of your new little one. You don’t need to childproof the house yet, but you may want to invest in some other upgrades. For example, you might want to install blackout curtains in both your bedroom and the baby’s room. That makes for a great privacy policy so that the whole neighborhood doesn’t see you nursing, and it also means you and your baby will sleep more soundly during the day and the night.

Another area to spruce up is the kitchen. What good is it getting bottles you can put in the dishwasher if the appliance itself isn’t working? Do you have enough counter space for the bottle of sanitizer? You can call in technicians for appliance repair, or if you are nervous about coronavirus disease, you can opt for remote appliance repairs. Technicians who help you over the phone can help you troubleshoot simple appliance fixes, like when you change filter parts or other simple fixes that will get your dishwasher or washer and dryer ready for their next use.

Find a community, even if it’s online due to COVID-19.

It takes a village to have a baby, and that’s the truth. Expectant mothers need a community to share the pregnancy experience, and new moms need other new moms to ask about the various quandaries that naturally arise. For example, should you use a Nose Frida blue nasal tube to clear your baby’s nose or rush the baby to a pediatrician’s office with a stuffy nose? There are online communities for pregnant women and new moms, so make use of those spaces to get answers about everything from the best nasal aspirator for clearing mucus to the best breast pump flanges.

Find a pediatrician with who you feel comfortable.

Speaking of a pediatrician and other clinicians who will work with you, you need to be completely comfortable with any clinicians who see your baby. If you have any questions, and if you’re a first-time parent you will have questions, you need to feel that you can ask them. If you feel there’s a limit to your time with the clinicians at your baby’s clinic, you won’t have full peace of mind when you get home. Shop around for clinics, and ask for recommendations on the online community group. There’s no one like experienced moms and other pregnant women to navigate the search for health care providers with.

Consider at-home scans to keep yourself safe from coronavirus disease.


You need to be healthy for your little one. This is why many pregnant women are opting for an at-home ultrasound scan instead of venturing to a hospital where they may be exposed to COVID-19. While healthcare providers are being careful about the transmission of the coronavirus disease, it’s still safer to stay home if you can and use a portable ultrasound machine for a self-scan. If you’re nervous, look into at home ultrasound options, and consider if it’s the best way for you to hear the sound waves of your baby’s heart during this era.


Make sure all your gear is dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.


Don’t be tempted to get fancy gear for your baby that will be a hassle to clean. Trust us. This applies to baby clothes that are dry clean only (why do they exist?), as well as bottles, pacifiers, blankets, and everything else. You won’t care that the baby’s onesie is from Gucci when it’s covered in boogers, and you haven’t slept in a week. Especially if you’re your baby’s main (or only) caregiver, you want to make your life as easy as possible. This is why you need to check that everything can get thrown in either the dishwasher or the washing machine and that all appliances are up to snuff.

Having a baby is exciting and nerve-wracking, but it can be easier if you keep a few things in mind. Use the wisdom of other mothers and pregnant women, find clinics and clinicians with who you feel comfortable, and try to make your life easier rather than harder. Take a deep breath through both nostrils and let it out through your mouth. You’ve got this.

Photo by Thiago Borges from Pexels