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How to Start an Artisanal Knife Business

How to Start an Artisanal Knife Business

Published by Programme B

Throughout human history, knives have been a constant part of our journey as a species. At first, knives were merely an essential tool; they were mostly utilitarian in nature. However as humanity progressed, so did the knife’s significance. Knives were no longer viewed as meer tools. They soon took military and spiritual significance in human society. 

Nowadays, some knives are considered an art form. They are judged not only by the sharpness of their edges, but they are also judged by the beauty of their designs. So if you are interested in knife making, and want to create a unique business, you should establish an artisanal knife business. Here are some tips on how to start an artisanal knife business.  

1.Choose Your Specialty

Before you invest money in your artisanal knife business, it is important that you choose what type of knives you will be mass-producing. Remember that there are so many types of knives out there. Various Cultures have their own shape and usage for their knives, and if you are going to craft, market, and sell these knives, you should make sure that the knives you make are of the best quality possible. So you should choose the type of knives that you know how to make. If your specialty is making American-style combat knives, then you should stick with it. Don’t just make a type of knife like a Japanese Tanto, just because it is popular. This is not only insulting to the actual craftsmen who specialize in them, but it is also going to annoy your potential clients. So it is imperative that you stick to your specialty.

2. Invest in Specialized Equipment

Although you should take pride in crafting your knives, you should remember that you will need to mass produce your product. So even if you want to hand-craft each and every one yourself, you should mechanize the process. This will not only make the process more efficient, but it will also lessen the ratio of error.

If you want to create knives that have a hand-crafted feel to them, and yet still be able to mass-produce them you should try molding technology. By using molds in your knife production lines, you don’t have to take the more strenuous route of making them out of scratch. Instead, you could just have steel poured into a mold, and once the blades have been cooled down, then you and the rest of your production line could start filing and sharpening the blades. 

The same treatment could also be done for your knife handles if they are made of plastic or faux wood. However, if your handles are made out of wood or animal horn, you’ll have to craft them from scratch. If you want high-quality molds, you should contact Immould. It is a plastic mold supplier that molds various types of plastics to specifications. By purchasing high-quality molds, you will be able to ensure a standardized level of craftsmanship for all your knives.

Aside from a mold, you will also need traditional blacksmithing tools such as a drop hammer and a grinding stone for sharpening. You should also invest in other types of tools such as forging hammers and tongs. Although it is costly to invest in heavy equipment, they are necessary if you want your artisan knife business to succeed.

3. Identify Your Target Market

Aside from sticking to your specialty, it is also important that you identify your target market. Remember that there are many types of people that use knives. Some people use knives for cooking, while others use knives for survival situations. So if you want to market your products effectively, you should identify who you should sell your product to. This will help you make your marketing so much more focused and effective.


4. Market Your Products Effectively


While the production process is very important, you should also take the marketing process seriously as well. No matter how good-quality your products are, if your marketing is lacking, then your potential clients will most likely be unaware of your products. So it is imperative that you make your marketing as multifaceted as possible.

When it comes to marketing, it is imperative that you create an attractive website. Your website will act as your base of operation for all your marketing campaigns. It will also double as a catalog of your products, it is where visitors could peruse all your knives with ease. So it is imperative that you post attractive pictures of your products through your website. 

5. Have a Craftsman’s Pride in Your Products

If you want your knives to be considered amongst the best in the world, you will need to put in the time and take your quality control as seriously as possible. You should take a craftsman’s pride in your products. Remember that you are selling artisanal knives, so they should be made of the hardest metals so that they could withstand any type of damage. The blades should also be razors sharp and artfully designed. Artisanal knives are more than mere tools. They are works of art. So every time one of your knives is constructed, utmost care should be taken when inspecting them. The blade should undergo stringent tests, and the overall details of the knife should be up for thorough inspection.

6. Continue To Hone Your Craft

Although you should stick to your specialty, this does not mean that you should limit yourself to just this specialty. Instead, you should continue to hone your craft, and learn new ways to improve your skills. Remember that the more you hone your craft, the better your overall product will be. 


If you are interested in making artisanal knives as a business, you should have a set plan. With these great tips, you could start your artisanal knife business in the best way possible.




Photo by Hamid Tajik from Pexels