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6 Helpful Tips To Overcoming Driving Anxiety

6 Helpful Tips To Overcoming Driving Anxiety

Published by Programme B

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Driving is an essential skill to learn once you’re already at the right age to get a license. Aside from helping you get around much easier, driving can be used for emergency purposes. Understandably, not everyone is comfortable getting behind the wheel. Driving is a huge responsibility after all.

Newbie drivers or those who get into accidents are prone to what’s called driving anxiety. Simply put, it is the sensation of feeling nervous or anxious when you get behind the wheel. It’s not a great feeling to have. Moreover, it can cloud your ability to efficiently drive, making you more prone to accidents.

The good news is that driving anxiety is never permanent. There are ways you can rid yourself of this problem for good.

Consider Taking A Driving Course

If you are a newbie driver, know that there is no better way to learn how to drive than by going to driving school. Aside from being under the guidance of a pro, you actually get to practice driving in a safe space as you learn.

Driving school is a must for new drivers, whether you have driving anxiety or not. This does not only teach you the laws of the road and the foundations of driving, it also teaches you the proper etiquette and mindset while you are behind the wheel. Make sure to pick a renowned and good school when taking a driving course as esteemed academies can make you significantly better.

Drive With Someone Around

The most common reason why people develop driving anxiety is that they fear being alone inside the car. If you are having issues with that feeling of loneliness, then it might be good to take someone along with you. That someone should be a person you are comfortable with.

You’ll feel less anxious when you have someone to distract you from your worries. Of course, as they are in your hands, you’ll need to step it up and drive more safely.

Get Hypnosis Treatment

For the most part, driving anxiety is a psychological issue. Treating it is mostly about teaching yourself to overcome the fear of getting behind the wheel but that is easier said than done. An unorthodox but effective way to treat this anxiety is through hypnosis.

Hypnosis treatment basically teaches your mind to forego the feeling of anxiety once you drive. It is an effective treatment for driving anxiety which is why most people seek this kind of treatment. Moreover, as it is non-invasive, all you really need to take is sound advice and no medications are required.

Avoid Night Driving

If you are still not comfortable with driving, you should definitely avoid driving at night. The dark roads and limited vision could trigger your anxieties further.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Make sure to only drive at night only when you don’t feel any driving anxieties. It’s not just your anxieties that you want to avoid. Night driving is just really potentially dangerous for inexperienced drivers because of the limited view.

Drive Somewhere Familiar

Sometimes, driving on familiar roads will actually help rid you of your anxieties. You’d have less to worry about if you are driving somewhere you know like the back of your hand. The reason it works is that you have less to think about considering that you are already familiar with the road.

If you are getting back or are just starting to drive, go around your neighborhood first. Do a few laps or two on a daily basis until you get used to driving. Make sure to add an extra street or two every day so you begin to develop more confidence in your driving abilities.

Stick With The Automatic

It’s no longer a secret that automatic transmissions are far easier to handle as compared to manual transmissions. If you have the choice to pick between the two, go for the automatic instead. As they say, it will feel like you are just driving a go-kart.

The only downside to driving automatic is that it takes longer to get the car to full speed. However, since you have driving anxiety, you’d want to prioritize ease of handling over horsepower first.

Driving anxiety is a tough hurdle for any driver but always keep in mind that a ton of people go through it eventually. These tips above will make things easier for you if you suffer from the condition. Remember that this battle is all about you so be patient with yourself as you get better and better.