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Gambling Sites Can Lead You to Have Successful Gambling Story

Gambling Sites Can Lead You to Have Successful Gambling Story

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It is possible to have a success story from gambling, even if its online gambling, there are plenty of gambling sites to choose from and start a successful story. Be sure to note that gambling is as lucrative as any other business; hence, if you follow the rules strictly and stay disciplined enough, you will make a tremendous amount of money from it. As simple as it sounds, you can stay indoors and make millions of dollars from any gambling site. It has worked for several others; it can work for you as well. The COVID-19 pandemic is a pointer because you can stay indoors and make money just with your internet connection and the correct information. 

Here are some of the most successful gamblers over the years, as well as their achievements 

  • Professor Edward Thorp:

He’s a professor of mathematics and also a Hedge fund manager. He was popularly known not for his academic excellence but his gambling skills and expertise. He specializes in blackjack, where he applies the rules of probability and its theory to gambling. He was the author of the first book to demonstrate that blackjack could be challenging but also winnable, published in 1966. He titled the book “Beat The Dealer” and sold over 700,000 copies where it appeared on the New York Best Sellers. In Reno, Thorp won $11,000 while playing blackjack while playing with a bankroll of $10,000. He became the first card counter ti wear a disguise in other to stay hidden from the casino owners. 

  • Don Johnson:

He’s a don and one of the best gamblers ever. He won over $15 million from playing blackjack in Atlantic City. Unlike Thorp, he didn’t count cards. He was one of the top gamers in Atlantic city when Casino owners were begging Whales to play casino games. He leveraged on a blackjack casino game with almost zero house edge. This was possible as a result of his enthusiasm coupled with the casino’s desperation. Not only did he prey on their desperation, but he also negotiated a whopping 20% rebate off his losses accounting for over $500,000. He won the Borgata for $5 million and the Tropicana for $6 million. His wagering was as high as six digits per hand while he also beat Caesar for $4 million. He was so successful that Caesar doesn’t welcome him to play anymore. 

  • Nick Dandolos:

One of the most successful gamblers of all time that loves high stakes. He believes in going all-in on the game and hitting the bull’s eye at a go. He has a philosophy degree in Greek, and he’s a professional gambler. He started out living in Chicago, the United States, with an allowance of $150 per week. After a while, he moved to Montreal to gamble on ponies. He’s famous for his bet size, both wins, and losses. Before he moved to the Windy City, he won half a million dollars from betting on horses. Unfortunately, he lost everything while playing Poker and crap. He won and lost an estimated amount of $500 million in his lifetime. 

  • Billy Walters:

According to the history of gamblers, Billy is probably the most successful of all sports bettors in the whole of Vegas. However, he’s not successful in everything, but gambling, he is. He won for three decades consistently but failed woefully as an investor. He was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment and had to pay $10 million for insider trading. He started betting at a very early age—as early as age 9. He started as a loser till the 1980s. He claimed to have lost $50,000 to gambling before age 25. In his 30s, he won $3.8 million playing a biased roulette wheel. As time went by, he became teammates with gamblers who won over $1 million in the 1980s.

He was also known for launching “The Computer Group,” which was functional for 39 years. This group won several sport gambling games, recording just one losing year. They specialize in betting on football and basketball. He’s won over $50 million on Sports betting (when in his betting year) 

In 2017, he was found and convicted for making $43 million on private information from Dean’s Food Company through its director, Thomas C. 

  • Chris Moneymaker:

It’s impossible to be a moneymaker and not be successful. This is the story of Chris. He was noted for his gambling prowess after winning series of poker games back in 2003. One of the most exciting parts of his success story is that he used gambling sites, meaning that he played Poker online. He was the first player to ever qualify for the World Series of Poker by playing online. He used to be an accountant before winning the World Series of Poker. With $86, he bought into the satellite for Pokerstars. As at the time when he was an accountant, no one knew him. He was just a regular accountant like every other accountant. It wasn’t until after he won the prize for first place, summing up to $2.5 million. He became a celebrity almost immediately. However, his winning was also a marketing strategy for Pokerstars to push their company forward. And as a result of this win, it generated an audience for Pokerstars, making it one of the most popular Poker Gaming platforms. After his first win, he has won at least another $1.1 million from playing Poker. 
So it’s possible to have a success story from gambling. As established above, most of these players were ordinary individuals, most working-class and business-oriented individuals before winning big from gambling. It’s possible to run your daily business or routine white-collar job while maintaining a healthy gambling system. Casino genie is the best platform to help you analyze and choose the best gambling sites that best fit your personality. You don’t have to worry about time, and you can gamble on the go on your smartphone with a mobile-compatible gambling site. Irrespective of your work schedule, you can make additional earnings from gambling sites and playing online casino games.

Photo by Luis Leon from Pexels