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Here’s Why You Should Carry a Pocket Knife

Here’s Why You Should Carry a Pocket Knife

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Among all the different tools and weapons, a pocket knife is the handiest one. It’s a little companion that you can carry along on all of your road trips. Whether you are going to the local bar in your area, or you are touring different countries all around the world, a pocket knife is mankind’s closest and oldest friend. Small like a little pen, pocket knives don’t take much space in your luggage but can be used to perform a dozen tasks. A pocket knife is probably the most versatile tool if you’re planning to go on camping. Whether indoors or outdoors, it never hurts to keep a little pocket knife with yourself no matter wherever you go.



Keeping your enemies at bay,  a pocket knife can do so much more than just salad cutting. It is one of the most sturdy and useful tools that you can keep within the confines of your jeans pocket or your purse pocket. Protection, defense, or to win your cooking competition, a pocket knife can prove to be handy in almost every task written on your to-do list. You’ll be surprised to see how much a little pocket knife can do for you. 

A small pocket knife is very essential for carrying it around your routine day. If you don’t have a little friendly pocket knife within your bag, here’s why you should carry a Pocket Knife. You’ll find all the benefits of carrying a pocket knife in this article below.

1. Handy Pocket Tool

Pocket knives are specially designed to fit inside the little capacity of your bag or your jeans pocket. There are various kinds of pocket knives available in the market such as small ones, sharp ones with covers, folding pocket knives, and so on. The point is to make a little sharp knife that can easily fit your pockets without extending your luggage. These knives are a  very handy pocket tool that you can carry along with you on all of your routine trips. You can remove itchy tags or stickers, scratch off any card, clear off your zippers, get rid of any unwanted handbag straps, etc.

2.Emergency Survival Tool

Having a little pocket knife with you can prove to be useful in terms of an emergency as well. Leading to the fact that all our lives are just so unpredictable, you never know what’s coming next. To prepare yourself for the unknown, you must keep emergency survival tools with you, like a pocket knife. There may come a situation where you’re stuck in your car and roads ahead are blocked due to some catastrophe or accident and all you are left with is your little pocket knife. In such cases, you can use your knife to immediately cut through your seatbelt or break out the window to get out of your car and save your life.

3. Perfect For Self Defense

A majority of people carry a pocket knife with them as a means to protect themselves from strangers. You never know who could be lurking around the next corner waiting for the right moment just to attack you. Scary but very original, pocket knives can be very useful in such situations. According to people at, people are always on the lookout to buy the most upgraded version of pocket knives to save themselves from any kind of unwanted trouble. Burglars and Robbers ate a common threat for everyone but a pocket knife can easily keep you safe from them. It is a means of adding Security by increasing your self-defense power. All you have to do is be alert about what’s the right time to use your pocket knife.

4. Instant Fruit and Salad Cutter

Keeping a little knife always in your pocket ensures your health as well. How? Well, it’s simply that if you have a pocket knife, you will never eat anything raw but you can use your knife to scratch off the outer muddy part that may be contaminated with germs. This way you only consume healthy foods. Also, you can use your knife as an instant fruit and salad cutter. This means a pocket knife is also a quick useful form of home utensils. You can easily use your knife to slice up your apples or make a cheese sandwich. You can quickly open your beer bottles or canned foods or even a bottle of your favorite wine.

5. Can Spark A Quick Fire Anywhere

A pocket knife is also good for lighting up a fire in the middle of nowhere using nothing but wood sticks. This is best when you are camping or if you are lost somewhere in the woods. Are you planning to rot in cold weather during the nights without anything to keep you warm? Don’t let yourself be misguided and always keep a pocket knife with you. You can use your knife to scratch and cut off wood to make a fire. Not just woods but you can use the sharp blade of your knife to ignite a quickfire. Harness your skills in lighting up a fire with your knife blade to prepare yourself for such rare but crucial situations.


6. Best For Instantly Altering Clothes

Your pocket knife can also help fix your sudden wardrobe malfunctions. Imagine you are all ready to go to your homecoming party and whoops! Looks like your dress has some extra dandling items of clothing that you didn’t notice before. There’s no time to get a new dress so fixing your dress is the only remaining option besides skipping the party. No need to worry because your little friend can still save your dress. Just use your pocket knife to make alterations in your clothing as per your desire and you are all set to go.

Now that you know how a little pocket knife can be so helpful, especially in emergencies, don’t forget to keep it in your pockets. Always remember to carry a pocket knife with you no matter where you go. Just make a habit of carrying a pocket knife. It wouldn’t hurt to take some safety precautions just in case any unwanted situation creeps your way.