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How to Make Your Home Office Comfortable When Working for Long Hours

How to Make Your Home Office Comfortable When Working for Long Hours

Published by Allen Brown

Most recent events have seen businesses shifting to work from home (WFH) as a measure to battle the spread of COVID-19. Apart from that, it is widely known that freelance artists tend to spend more of their time in their house offices compared to other places. Therefore, achieving a pleasant and prolific time on the job requires a comfortable office.

Do you want to make your home office comfortable no matter how long you choose to work? Follow the tips highlighted below. You can even add it to your bookmarks for easy access.

1. Invest in an Ergonomic Chair

Investing in a comfortable chair will help you be more productive in your home office. If you are a video editor, you should get a comfortable video editing chair since you spend a lot of time at your desk. An ergonomic chair supports your back, head, arms, and thighs.

2. Get at Least Two Monitors to Make Your Work Easier

If you are looking to multitask in your home office, a second monitor will boost your productivity. An extra screen enables you to handle several tasks. It’s advisable to go for a similar model to the one you currently work with. Doing so will help you achieve the same screen fidelity and experience.

3. Get the Best Computer Accessories

Often the mouse and the keyboard don’t receive credit for their role in improving comfort and productivity in an office. You should go for a large mouse that comfortably fits into your hands. Go for a keyboard whose keys will not cause fatigue to your fingers.

4. Invest in a Standing Desk

Research conducted in 2011 shows that extended sitting is linked to a minimum of 34 chronic diseases like obesity, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. If it’s within your budget scope, invest in a height-adjustable standing desk. Standing desks improve your potency, focus, and your heart health. A standing desk extender is an excellent alternative if you are not inclined to buying more furniture.

5. Follow These Simple Rules

Following ergonomic rules has a significant effect on making your home office comfortable while working. Some of the ergonomic rules include ensuring that:

  • Your back is straight
  • Your neck is straight
  • Your arms are parallel to the floor
  • You do not slouch
  • You do not keep your arms at odd angles

Setting up a workspace to meet your unique physical attributes can be troublesome. The use of the ergotron workspace planner in setting up your workspace is a great idea. 

6. Grow Plants

Growing plants in a home office introduce a touch of life and fresh air, ultimately improving productivity. The choice of a plant depends on its ease of maintenance and air-filtering properties.

7. Keep Wires Out of the Way

It’s a good practice to keep wires tied up together and hidden. Doing so helps create a peaceful and comfortable working space. There are numerous ways of managing cables at an office.

8. Find a Provider With High-Speed Internet
A slow internet connection means your workflow will get disrupted. Ensuring you have a high-speed internet connection is a huge factor in making that home office comfortable to work in for hours. 

It’s easy to get distracted if you work using the same computer you use for playing games or watching videos. It’s advisable to use a different computer for work and private matters. 

Doing this has the following benefits:

  • You can state your work computer as a business expense while filing your taxes.
  • You customize your work computer and remove irrelevant applications and software.

9. Have All the Necessary Equipment You Need Before Starting to Work
Having all the essential equipment before you begin to work in your home office helps achieve comfort greatly. If you are more organized, you will be very productive when you start to work. Staying or keeping your office organized is crucial to your comfort. Having disorganized surroundings will most likely have you feeling like your thoughts are dispersed. 

Sherrie Bourg Carter Psy.D. delves into why mess causes stress. Dispose of the excess stuff that is cluttering up your office space to achieve an office that you are comfortable working in. 

Having a home office means that you get to design your office space to your liking. From choosing the appropriate decor, installing ambient lighting, to ensuring that the office remains clean all add up to making your home office comfortable. We recommend that you consider following the tips laid out in our article to make your home office comfortable when working for long hours.