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The Pros and Cons of Aluminum Water Bottles

The Pros and Cons of Aluminum Water Bottles

Published by Programme B

If you are thinking of purchasing a reusable water bottle, you might want to consider aluminum-made ones. Here are its pros and cons:

Pros and Cons of Using Aluminum Water Bottles 


1. It is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bottles.
Aluminum is a recyclable material. It means in case you decide to dispose of your aluminum water bottle, just segregate it and have it collected for recycling. Furthermore, reusable water bottles are encouraged nowadays to prevent the use of single-use plastic water bottles.

2. It is very durable.
Aluminum water bottles can literally last you a lifetime, given that you take care of it and maintain it from getting damaged.

3. It does not retain any odor.
Plastic bottles have this specific plastic-y smell and could easily retain the taste of the beverage you used it for, while aluminum water bottles do not. As long as you clean it properly and regularly, it remains odor-free.

4. It protects water from sunlight.
When left in the sun for too long, plastic water bottles can release toxins that may contaminate the water you are about to drink. Because of the aluminum material, aluminum water bottles keep the sun out of the container.

5. It keeps your water cooler longer.
Aluminum water bottles can hold your beverages’ temperatures. So if you want to have your drink colder longer, then opt for aluminum bottles.

6. It poses no health risks.
You can expect that the aluminum material does not disintegrate into your drink after long periods, unlike plastic that releases toxic microfiber that can harm one’s health.

7. It can be very easy to clean.
You can clean your aluminum water bottle every day with just warm water and soap. You can also deep clean them with vinegar and scrub the inside using a brush.

8. It is light to carry around.
Aluminum water bottles are very convenient to bring around or put into your bag because they usually only weigh 1 oz. So you can have your bottle easily refilled in the cafeteria.

9 It can be bought in bulk.
Aluminum water bottles bulk purchases can be made through direct manufacturers at a fraction of a price. This makes it perfect for giveaways or gifts.

10 It is easy to have customized.
If you want a personalized water bottle, aluminum bottles are a good choice because they can be easily printed with a design in front.


1. It might cost more.
Comparing it with reusable plastic water bottles that are very inexpensive, aluminum water bottles can cost a bit more. The cheapest plastic bottle you can purchase is less than $3, while for aluminum, it can cost only a bit less than $5.

2. It has less insulation.
Although it can retain cold temperature, it is not insulated enough to stop the water bottle’s surface from condensing.

3. It is not heat resistant.
Aluminum is known to be a good conductor of heat, so without the extra layer of insulation, you cannot use it for hot beverages.

4. It can be dented.
There is a guarantee that your aluminum water bottle can last long. However, with a strong force, it can also be dented once it hit the ground. So make sure you avoid it falling over just to be sure.

5. Not entirely dishwasher safe.
Although you can still put it in your dishwasher, you cannot ensure that it is deeply cleaned. It is always better to wash them manually to ensure they are sanitized, and no germs can accumulate.

Photo by Thaís Silva from Pexels