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CBD Oil Dosage Calculator – How Much Should You Take?

CBD Oil Dosage Calculator – How Much Should You Take?

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You must have heard already that CBD alleviates many health conditions, like pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and others. You might be even reading this post with a CBD bottle next to you and struggling to calculate your daily CBD dose.

Today, you will learn how to determine an appropriate CBD oil dosage for your condition and measure your CBD servings according to medical studies and comprehensive charts. So read further to check how much CBD you should take.

How Much CBD Should You Take?

A systematic review of 35 CBD studies suggests that people take <0.45-22 mg CBD per pound a day on average to treat various conditions. As you have noticed, the range of effective CBD doses is extensive. It’s because CBD dosing is always individual and involves many factors, like CBD potency, particular symptoms and their severity, a patient’s weight, and metabolism.

For instance, a 6.3-feet weightlifter will get the desired relief with a much higher CBD dose than a slim 5.5-feet girl, assuming they have the same ailment. But if the weightlifter needs CBD for anxiety, he should take a much lower daily CBD dose than the girl treating fibromyalgia.

Check this comprehensive CBD dosing chart to learn how much CBD per day you need at the start:

Your weight (lbs) The severity of your condition
Low Medium High
Under 45  6 mg 9 mg 12 mg
46-85 9 mg 12 mg 15 mg
86-150 12 mg 15 mg 18 mg
151-240 18 mg 22.5 mg 27 mg
240+ 22.5 mg 30 mg 45 mg


Note that this chart is for informational purposes, and you might need to increase or lower your daily CBD intake to relieve your symptoms. For this, you have to consult your doctor. But there are much more ropes to learn about CBD dosing. Can you overdose on CBD, and how do you measure those oil drops? Check this out below.

Can You Overdose on CBD?

Many people opt for the lowest CBD doses to avoid overdose-related adverse effects. So is it easy to take too much cannabidiol, and what implications does CBD overdose have in reality? Medical studies show that CBD intake of 22.5 mg per pound and more involves adverse effects like diarrhea, sleepiness, drowsiness, dry mouth, and reduced blood pressure more frequently.

That is, if an average person takes 3,000 mg CBD per day, they might experience the side effects mentioned above. Nonetheless, these side effects fall short of the life-threatening drug overdose.

Besides, you will have to empty the entire CBD bottle or two at once to make 3,000 mg CBD circulate your blood vessels, which is hardly achievable. For comparison, most patients experienced no side effects after receiving 1,000-1,500 CBD per day for six weeks.

Therefore, it’s difficult to overdose on CBD, and you have almost zero chances of experiencing any CBD side effects under normal circumstances.

How to Calculate My Daily CBD Dose?

You can rely on a CBD oil dosage calculator to figure out how much cannabidiol you need to take in a day. Nonetheless, you may want to know how these calculations are made. In fact, the CBD dosing math is quite simple: you need to multiply your weight by a minimal CBD dose for three degrees of the ailment intensity:

  • Mild – 0.13 mg.
  • Medium – 0.2 mg.
  • Severe – 0.26 mg.

Let’s assume your weight is 100 pounds, and you have a medium headache. You need to multiply 100 by 0.2 (CBD dose for medium symptoms). As a result, you will get a daily CBD dosage of 20 mg. Note that you can gradually raise your CBD intake if the starting dose doesn’t alleviate your symptoms. A general rule of thumb is to increase a CBD dose by 50% once a week till the point of total relief.

How to Measure CBD Servings?

Let’s say you aim for 20 mg CBD per day, and you have a full-spectrum 300-mg CBD tincture at hand. How many drops do you need to take then? You have to determine how much CBD one milliliter of the tincture contains. For this, you need to divide the total CBD content by the bottle size.

For example, a 30-ml CBD bottle contains 300 mg CBD. The formula is the following: 300÷30= 10 mg/ml. Thus, one milliliter contains 10 mg CBD and you need to take two milliliters of CBD to achieve the required daily CBD dose.

Final Thoughts

There is no one-size-fits-all approach regarding CBD dosing, and you need to consider your body weight and the severity of your condition to find out your optimal CBD dosage. A good rule of thumb is to take 0.13/0.2/0.26 mg CBD per pound of body weight at the start, depending on the severity of your condition. Once you follow this approach, you will adjust your daily CBD intake with ease. Nonetheless, always keep in mind that consulting your doctor is the best thing you can do about CBD dosing.