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How Can I Commute To Work Without A Car?

How Can I Commute To Work Without A Car?

Published by Programme B

There are many reasons why people do not own cars. You might be on your first job and cannot afford one just yet; your income might not sustain the costs associated with a car. It might just be that you haven’t found the right car for you. 

Whatever the reasons are, you have a job to go to and be on time. How do you commute to work without a car? Here are some suggestions.


Bicycling is a great way to cover short distances conveniently. Not to worry if you do not own a bike. Consider the bike-sharing program in your city. With this, a bike will always be available without the associated costs of its care and maintenance. 

Aside from getting to and from work on time, cycling is a workout that targets multiple muscle groups in the body. This means you will get a workout every day. Some companies extend some benefits to cyclists. Find out if these exist from your employer, so you can take advantage of them. 

Public Transportation

Small metropolitan areas have bus routes which larger cities have subway or train routes. 

Before you start work, do some research on your route and possibly do a dry run. This is important, especially if you opt for the bus, as you need to have a rough idea of the traffic and navigation to see how long the ride takes. 

Trains and subways tend to be timelier, and you can get the schedule to know when to board and what time you expect to be at work. 

Pair Up With a Car Owner

If you have a friend, neighbor, or colleague that lives in your neighborhood, you can pair up with them on the commute to and from work. This can be much more convenient than catching the train or bus. 

In exchange for the favor, you can discuss with the car owner about chipping in on gas. Car-pooling is excellent as it puts several people in one car at the same time. This is great for the environment and sustainability. 


Walking is a healthy way of getting to work. Granted, this will only work for short distances; otherwise, you are likely to get to work sweaty and tired or wet and cold in winter. 

This is worth considering if you live close to your workplace. You can also consider moving to an apartment closer to work. At times, this might be slightly expensive. Nonetheless, the money you will save in commuting can make this option well worth it alongside the time and convenience. 

Adjust to the seasons

You can get to and from work safely and conveniently without a car. Keep in mind that some options will require second options. For example, cycling and walking might not be possible in winter.