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Travel in Style Without Spending a Fortune

Travel in Style Without Spending a Fortune

Published by Programme B

The ability to hop on a flight and get across the world is like magic, but the costs can add up quickly. There are all kinds of additional expenses aside from just the flight.

However, you can sidestep many of these costs if you’re savvy. Here are a few ideas you can use.

Drive Yourself to the Airport 

It used to be that people needed a cab to the airport, but even Uber has been disrupted by a new model that combines convenience, affordability, and familiarity. You can now avoid paying for airport parking in Toronto and other major North American cities by parking in an adjacent hotel lot. Here’s how it works.

Just book a reservation for the parking spot online, even if you don’t have a room at the hotel. Then just drive over, show the attendant your reservation, and board the free shuttle to the terminal.

Save up to $200 per round trip while enjoying the familiarity of your own car. Plus, some industry leaders have points programs, so that you can cut costs even more.

Pack Your Own Food

If you only fly occasionally, you may not mind splurging for that over-priced sandwich if you’re hungry in a pinch. But it’s easy to waste money on airport food, and you don’t always get much in return.

Airports know that you’re stuck in a remote location, so they charge more for food because they know you can’t go elsewhere. Pack a meal that is easy to eat on the go — you’ll save money, and you can control things like portion size, nutrition level, and flavours.

You may not be able to bring a water bottle on the flight, but get a reusable bottle that you can fill up at a water fountain at the gate after you’ve passed through security.

Pack What Entertains You

Nobody knows what you like better than you do. If you pass the time by reading or watching movies, bring the right book or download something you’ve been eager to see.

True, you can buy magazines and books at the airport, but they’re over-priced, and they may not have what you want. Bring the art or entertainment you crave, and don’t leave anything at home.

If you forget to pack your headphones, you can buy a pair from the airport. But that’s just one more over-priced thing to buy, so be mindful of bringing whatever you’ll need. 

Pack Light

Do you need to check in a bag? If you can manage to carry everything you’ll need for the trip with you onto the plane, you won’t have to pay for checking in your luggage. 

You won’t have to wait at the luggage carousel for your bags, either. Don’t get stuck at the airport!

Veteran travelers know how to cut costs because of all their experience flying, but there are also new digital ways to save money, such as hotel parking by the airport. Keep the above tips in mind, and your future flights will be smoother and less expensive.