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First Time In Leeds

First Time In Leeds

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Leeds has a wide range of attractions, events, excellent shopping areas, gorgeous parks, and more. Apart from this, it is also the cultural, economic, artistic, and cultural capital of Northern England. It has a massive student population, with lots of international students, young professionals, and entrepreneurs. Part of the appeal of Leeds is the lively and dynamic atmosphere of the city. Bars and clubs are open till late, the nightlife is fantastic, and the people are warm and welcoming.

Most tourists always plan their trips to the UK with a special day for Leeds. If this sounds like something that may appeal to you, we would advise you to get all your travel documentation ready in advance. Contact Immigration Lawyers in Leeds for all the paperwork, documentation, and visa requirements. 

Since there is much to do in Leeds, you would have to plan a day or more in this gorgeous city. We would advise two or three days to take in all the sights that Leeds has to offer. Let us look at what you can do if visiting Leeds for the first time. 


What To See In Leeds?

Trinity Shopping Center:

Trinity Shopping Center was started in 2013 and soon rose to become one of the most popular sites to visit in Leeds. You will find most of the locals here since the center has excellent food and shopping options. With a wide range of boutiques and other forms of retail therapy, you can also opt for a short movie at the Everyman cinema.  

The best part is that it also has a multilevel parking structure for cars, and is easily accessible with public transport.

Millennium Square:

Millennium Square is famous as one of the lead stages for events, music festivals and hosts a massive stage for Leeds Pride. Millennium Square has also screened World Cup matches, hosts the German Christmas Market, and has historical significance as the starting point for many protests. 

It has a gorgeous civic building, a theatre, restaurants and bars, and the Leeds Museum (free for all). The architecture is beautiful, well-maintained, and pristine. 

Temple Newsam:

Temple Newsam is a Tudor-Jacobean mansion located approximately 20 minutes outside Leeds. It is one of the most celebrated houses in the country and has more than 40 renovated rooms for public viewing. There is also a nature trail for people wishing for some fresh air and a quick walk. This idyllic location has a café, gallery, museum, and farm, with ample open space. 

Many people make the trip to Temple Newsam in the mornings, walk their dogs in the park, have a picnic, and return home to Leeds. 

Kirkgate Market:

Kirkgate Market is a shopping district. But more remarkable than the shopping is the gorgeous Victorian architecture. Many people go to Kirkgate Market for shopping and end up clicking photographs of the building instead. 

Kirkgate Market is also where Marks and Spencers were founded as a penny bazaar. You will find plenty of open stalls selling meats, cheeses, clothes, flowers, art, and of course, ready-to-eat food. Kirkgate Market is known for its global food stalls – that serve multi-cuisine foods fresh off the skillet. 

When To Visit Leeds?

Ideally, Leeds is at its best in the summer season. The weather is conducive to sports and the outdoors. If you enjoy cricket and football, you should definitely visit the Leeds Festival and Test Cricket events. You will also find plenty of open houses, gardens, parks, and other recreation centers open in the summer.

How To Get Around In Leeds?

  • Car: Renting a car is an excellent way to remain independent and freely roam around. Leeds has several parking slots in the city center, and the charges are not too high. Depending on the car you hire, the daily rent should also be quite reasonable.
  • Taxi: Since public transport and rental cars are cheap, most people don’t use radio cabs. Taxis are used mainly by people living in the suburbs like Roundhay or those traveling late at night. 
  • Public Transport: The public transport in Leeds is excellent with bus connectivity everywhere. You can purchase day tickets on Metro services for unlimited travel. The CityBus is also incredibly cheap and covers most of the city with ease. 

Leeds is a beautiful place to spend time with friends and loved ones. The shopping is fantastic, with high-end stores in all major shopping centers. With a wide range of supermarkets, you can live in Leeds for a few days, experience the city like a local, cook, eat, and have a drink at some of the clubs and pubs, before you take your leave. 

Photo by Jeremy from Pexels