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Most Requested WebCam Fetishism

Most Requested WebCam Fetishism

Published by Programme B

Beyond the generic classifications of black and white, sex is mostly grey. Sometimes our sexual urge is more specific in a fetish way. Fetishism can be a variety of things, yet the basic types are inanimate objects, a part of a body, or odd things like leather, rubber, and so on. 

If you’re looking for real, uncensored fetish sex available on a webcam then Flirt4free should be your go-to site although it is always a good idea to check a Flirt4free review, so you know what to expect. Flirt4free has a special category “fetish” for people looking for a more specific experience. Below are 10 of the most commonly requested fetish sex that is pleasing through a webcam.

1. BDSM 

If you like to be dominated by powerful women and serve at their feet, then there are thousands of dominatrix at Flirt4free. This dominatrix makes you grovel at their feet by showing you female supremacy. From ballbusting and CBT to cuckolding and chastity you’d find thousands of ways they can dominate a man.

2. Leather 

Leather is another big turn-on for many viewers. Maybe it’s the way it cracks when the hot girl moves, or how it shines. Nevertheless, Flirt4free has a section dedicated for cam girls with a wardrobe full of leather jackets, coats, trousers, and skirts amongst others. You can tell the ladies what color of clothing you like and they will dress up for you. 

3. Anal 

Another fetish men love is watching or fucking women up the ass. They love how their eyes groan and widen as a huge cock penetrates the ass. And the hot girls at Flirt4free love it which makes the whole cam show even more pleasurable. 

4. Double Penetration 

One in the ass and one in the pussy is what some men crave when watching cam shows. Girls on webcam shows can present this fetish by taking up two massive dildos at once. And by stretching both holes to their limits to get men who love double penetration turned on.    

5. High Heels 

High heels or boots, some men love to see those fancy shoes. In a way high heels push a woman’s chest out, highlighting her cleavage. And with the ankles on display and feet inside a pair of high heel shoes, this sight alone is enough to get some men’s cock hard in no time and these girls know it. 

6. Hairy Women 

Some people think men only like shaved pussy, but in reality, some men’s fetish is hairy pussy. Pubic hair is a big turn-on for some men and they love it thick and bushy. Some men even love hairy armpits. 

7. Feet 

Feet is another very common fetish today. Feet fetish is also one of the most performed fetishes on webcam. Girls can easily dangle their feet at you, showing you their heels, ankle, and painted toenails to tease you. And whatever area of the leg that turns you on, you can easily focus on it. They can rub oil on them to get them wet and slippery, giving you a good show. 

8. Smoking 

Smoking is another fetish that millions of guys love to see on sexy girls. On webcam sites like Flirt4free, you can find girls smoking cigarettes, and even pipes. Most times the girls pick the cigar from their pocket, place it between their lips, light it, inhale it, and blow it at you. Or you can tell them what turns you on, and the hot girl on the cam will give you a good show. 

9. Ass 

All guys love big ass no doubt, and 90% of girls on Flirt4free have the biggest, tightest, and sexiest ass you’ve ever seen. And the best part is that they would love to show it off to you. Whether you like the butt naked, covered with a kneaker, skirt, tight trousers, or jeans, the sexy girls on Flirt4free have the wardrobe to satisfy your craving when they arise. 

10. Cleavage 

If your fetish craving is cleavage, at Flirt4free, you can find gigantic, big, small, no bigger than a handful, and several sizes. However you like your female cleavage, you can find the perfect cleavage at Flirt4free. And the beautiful girls at Flirt4free love to fondle and rub them for you to watch and get hard. 


So, here are the top 10 fetishes asked for in cam shows. If you have one of these fetishes or if what gets you turned on isn’t on the list, the live cam girls in Flirt4free are open-minded and ready to give you a show. Simply ask!

Photo by Jonathan Borba from Pexels