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What Makes a Great Caterer? Three Things to Consider

What Makes a Great Caterer? Three Things to Consider

Published by Programme B

Your big event is somewhere on the horizon. You have a set budget, a theme in mind, and a brain full of brilliant ideas. You’ve double-checked the guest list, consulted with a venue and started to mentally map the space for decorations. The last piece of the puzzle – perhaps the most important – is the food. 

Whether you’re planning a wedding, corporate event or grand birthday bash with friends, food is always the focus. Great food is the talk of the party. Not-so-great food… may leave a bad taste in some guests’ mouths. 

So, how do you ensure that everything that hits your guests’ lips is delicious? How do you make certain that every guest, regardless of dietary restriction or personal preference, is cared for? And how do you do all that without having to stress out on the big day? 

You start with an excellent caterer. When you are looking for a catering company in Canada, keep these three things in mind. 

Experience and Industry Esteem

Let’s say you are planning an event in Toronto. Your venue has a stunning view of the skyline, and the decorations call to mind a glamorous, roaring 20s soiree. The last thing you want is to serve food that looks like it was carted from a school cafeteria. 

The difference between a passable caterer and a fantastic one boils down to experience and industry esteem. Find an experienced catering company in Toronto that’s well-versed in elevated dishes and has a long history of exceptional service. This ensures that your event – no matter how large or specific or logistically demanding – will be guided by a sure hand. 

A Range of Flavours

Range is key in the kitchen. 

You want your caterer to be as comfortable butter-basting a French-inspired fingerling potato as they are wok-tossing a comforting platter of General Tao’s chicken. Their spice rack should display the wide breadth of global culinary offerings: the allspice berries and fiery scotch bonnet peppers of Jamaica, the vibrant masalas of South Asia, and the smoked paprika and earthy saffron of the Iberian Peninsula. In short, your caterer’s available menu should reflect the diversity of flavours that call Canada home. 

If you are throwing a party here in Canada, chances are your guest list comes from a wonderfully diverse background. Offering guests a selection with variety, all executed with confidence, gives everyone a chance to find that perfect bite for them.

Dietary Flexibility 

Lastly, you need a caterer that can accommodate different diets. Some guests may not be able to eat gluten. Others may be vegetarian, vegan, Halal or nut-allergic. Part of being a good host is understanding, advocating for and preparing for individual needs. 

Before you hire a caterer, ensure that they’re flexible. More than that, make sure they don’t just treat dietarily different meals as an afterthought. You want that gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free bibb salad to be every bit as elegant and considered as any other food you serve. 

To recap, look for experience, range and flexibility. If you find a caterer that satisfies those criteria, you are well on your way to a delicious event.