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How Homeowners in Toronto Can Pest-Proof Their Homes

How Homeowners in Toronto Can Pest-Proof Their Homes

Published by Leonardo Calcagno

Toronto’s homeowners are no stranger to pests inside their house, whether their home is an older or newer construction. Keeping bugs and wildlife outside is a challenge for many homeowners. Once they find their way inside, they can wreak havoc to the structure of the home, spoil any food stored in your cupboards, and potentially spread diseases.

In many cases, homeowners look for immediate Toronto pest control solutions, to ensure their home is adequately secured and protected from unwelcomed critters. For milder situations, there are simple and practical DIY solutions designed to repel pests and keep them outside where they belong.

Here’s how homeowners across Toronto can pest-proof their homes.

1. Add Screens to Your Doors

While screens may not deter larger pests like rats, they can effectively keep smaller critters like spiders and earwigs from entering the home. In Toronto, warmer weather encourages bugs and pests indoors, and adding a layer of screens in between your exterior door and the interior of your home is a simple prevention tool. While you’re keeping pests outside, your screen door can still let in lots of natural light and that warm summer breeze.

2. Keep Your Home Dry

Most pests search for damp environments, which is why keeping your home dry is essential. With a caulking gun, seal any open areas around your sinks, showers, bathtubs, and around any windows that open. If your GTA home has a basement, examine the areas around your pipes for cracks and seal those immediately.

3. Buy a Bird Feeder

Birds naturally eat pests, and a bird feeder is a simple and cost-effective way to deter any small insects or rodents from entering your home. Rather than a birdbath, which can cause unnecessary messes, a bird feeder is a low-cost tool that you can either purchase or make yourself as a fun family project.

4. Keep Your Food Sealed

Open containers or even food stored in cardboard are often invitations for pests. If you’re storing herbs and dried goods in your cupboards, consider transferring them to air-tight containers. This applies equally to pet food. Not only will your goods last longer, but you’re eliminating the smell of food inside your home, which can often entice pests inside.

5. Make Your Own Repellent

Repellents are a simple way to deter pests away from your home, and in many cases, there are effective DIY recipes any homeowner can apply to their Toronto home. In many cases, everything you need to make your repellent is already in your home — many popular recipes include coffee grounds, garlic, hot peppers, or apple cider vinegar, respectively.

By getting creative and using what you already have in your home, you have a low-cost alternative to expensive chemical-based repellents that you risk breathing in and becoming ill.

When it comes to keeping pests out of your home, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Each home across Toronto is unique, which means no two pest situations are alike. Find the resources that work for you, and take steps to pest-proofing your home.

Photo Credit : Jimmy Chan via Pexels