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How to Enjoy a Post covid party

How to Enjoy a Post covid party

Published by Programme B

Covid is hopefully winding down and now is the time to celebrate – here are some great tips to do so. 


One of the most important things at a party is ample seating. After a long time being apart, consider having a sociable table where guests can dine and drink. Have different zones where people can sit, talk, and enjoy the moment’s peace from the buzz of the party. Don’t worry if you have no outdoor furniture, you can use blankets, cushions, rugs, and throws on your lawn, which gives you a place where guests can comfortably seat.


Great garden parties are those that start early so that the guests can bask in the summer sun. you are going to need lighting for the latter stages of your party when people are most likely tipsy and need light to properly see. This is also the time to introduce some fun props, like LED cowboy hats, many colours available.

Lighting is not just a practical concern, but also can be used in creating energy and mood, especially when it is an outdoor party. You will be surprised at the impact light has on the party and guests.

Choose something lowkey that is going to blend with the surrounding. A good option is stringing fairy lights throughout your garden, wrapping them around the pergola, trees, or any other structure in your garden. You can also choose to have fun with neon lighting.

Candles can also be a good idea because they can set the mood, but they can’t be practical in all types of weather. You can place them (fake or real) inside outdoor lanterns. This is going to make your party look amazing.


If you plan the party with the idea of the ‘new normal’, then it might be a good idea to choose the private bar hire option. The distribution of drinks is going to be sanitary, safe, and more organized. It Is also going to add some glamor to your party.

Private mobile hire is usually reserved for weddings, corporate events, and large-scale occasions. Getting this service is going to be a good way to add excitement to the party and professional mixologists who are good at what they do. They are going to make sure there are many delicious and intriguing cocktails. 

This will ensure an impressive drinks menu. This will give you and your guest more time to socialize and enjoy the party. This makes the party better for everyone because you don’t have to keep running around making sure everyone is having a good time when it comes to their drinks. 


A good host facilitates conversation when needed, pour drinks, introduce people, crack jokes, and try to make people smile. This is not going to be possible when the host is chained to the stoves inside as guests enjoy themselves outdoors. The host and guest are going to miss out.

This is why you should consider setting up an outdoor kitchen, which allows you to socialize, cook, and serve all at once. You can multitask when you are doing it with your guests. You can choose to get a pre-made outdoor kitchen island, which is going to give you all the features of your regular kitchen, including the sinks, worktops, and even cabinets. If you don’t want to spend money and you are good with tools, make it your DIY project and see what you can achieve.

Another option that is popular is people’s favorite cooking vehicle (not the microwave). Summer barbeques are an important part of a great garden party. If you are going to have it, then make sure you have set up a couple of prep stations and side tables to have stress-free cooking.

A barbeque is the number option for most people, but there are other ancient cooking methods that can take your party to the next level. An outdoor pizza oven can be a great investment that is going to be the centerpiece of your party. They are usually not that expensive, and you can place them above your standard BBQ. you can cook a fresh pie in just minutes with a burnished and blistered look.

If this doesn’t seem like an exciting option or you are interested in taking on a new project, then you can build your own. You can easily build your own pizza oven without needing a lot of skills or tools. With such an oven, you will get the flavor of something wood-fired.


When planning a party, people usually put more focus on drinks and less on food, but the guests are not going to be happy if they are hungry. There are some who might turn rowdy and break the rules. You need to ensure a proper stomach line is there unless you don’t mind the party going south.

If it is a big event or you don’t want to spend your time and effort building a pizza oven, then consider hiring outside catering services. Most people working in this industry were hit hard by the pandemic and need a lot of support from the community. Professionals ensure the highest levels of hygiene are observed.

Photo by Michelle Leman from Pexels