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Better than Plastic: Why Aluminium Water Bottles are Healthier for you and for the Environment

Better than Plastic: Why Aluminium Water Bottles are Healthier for you and for the Environment

Published by Programme B

Contrary to pop-culture belief, life in plastic isn’t always fantastic. Our obsession with plastic has driven our ecosystem into ruin, as we experience the effects of climate change every day, brought about by our irresponsible habits. 

Still, we can’t deny that our economy runs on consumer goods, and some goods are too essential to give up. Take water, for example. Water is essential for all living things to thrive, and humans need to drink water to survive, but our water bottle options aren’t always the best for our environment. 

80% of all plastic bottles end up in landfills, and since it takes 1,000 years for plastic to decompose, that means every single plastic bottle ever made is still around today. Your best option would be to get a personalized reusable water bottle because they are healthier for you and for the environment: 

Aluminium Bottles Are Recyclable

Recycled aluminium can reduce carbon footprint up to 96%, making it the top choice of material for beverage containers. Compared to plastic and glass bottles, aluminium can be recycled without compromising its purity or structural integrity. Plus, most recycling facilities accept aluminium bottles and cans to recycle.

In fact, aluminium bottles are so easily recyclable that 75% of all aluminium ever produced continues to be used today in a myriad of ways: bottles, cans, and other goods. 

Aluminium Bottles Are More Biodegradable

Aluminium decomposes in half the time it takes plastic to decompose, and a fraction of the time it takes glass bottles to decompose. While the time it takes for aluminium to decompose is still a relatively long time, at 500 years, the material can be recycled instead of ending up in a landfill. 

Aluminium Bottles Use Less Power To Produce

To produce one standard plastic bottle of water, we use up to three litres of freshwater. Plastic bottles also use up petroleum and oil, which uses up to 17 million barrels of oil per year. Aluminium bottles, specifically recycled aluminium bottles, only use up 5% of the power it takes to extract and process the material. 

Aluminium Bottles Are Resealable And Safer For You

Unlike aluminium cans, aluminium bottles are resealable. You can rest assured that your drink is free from dust and debris as you drink from it since you can always seal your drink afterwards. Aluminium bottles are also reusable, wherein plastic bottles should not be reused for consumption due to chemicals that may leach into the liquid. 

Aluminium bottles that have no resin or BPA lining are safer for your health, as you can be sure that there are no harmful chemicals that get into your water. Aluminium is pure, even when recycled, and keeps your drink completely clean and free from any unintended additives. 

Aluminium Bottles Keep Your Drink Fresher

Aluminium does not leach out any harmful chemicals, and aluminium bottles form an airtight seal, keeping your drink fresher longer. Your water remains pure and clean when in an aluminium bottle, as the opaque material keeps light waves away from the water inside, inhibiting bacterial and algae growth. 

Aluminium material remains unchanged in both boiling hot and ice-cold temperatures, so your drink will keep its temperature longer in an aluminium bottle. In Asia, manufacturers use aluminium bottles for coffees, teas, and soups so you have an option to drink them cold, or heat up the bottle to drink liquids warm. 

Aluminium Bottles Are Customizable

Aluminium bottles are just as customizable as plastic bottles, even more so as aluminium bottles can be etched or engraved with unique designs. Customized and personalized aluminium water bottles are great for businesses looking to bring a sense of uniqueness and eco-friendliness to their brand. 

Personalized bottles are also great for us individuals since we can continuously use the same bottle over and over again for our hydration needs, without harming our health or the environment. Personalized bottles allow us to show off our personality much more than plastic bottles can; plus, they keep your drink hot or cold longer!

Aluminium Bottles Are Durable

Plastic bottles warp in the heat, while glass bottles shatter with the tiniest impact. Aluminium bottles can withstand everyday usage, even through heat, cold, and pressure. While the bottle may dent upon strong impacts, such as falling onto the floor or hitting against a table, its usability is unhindered even when heavily dented. 

Overall, aluminium bottles are better for us to use in meeting our daily hydration needs. The material can withstand everyday usage at no expense of its structural integrity, nor of our health. Since we get to use these bottles longer, these are better for the environment as well.