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Substitutions You Need to Know About if You Want a More Plant-Based Diet

Substitutions You Need to Know About if You Want a More Plant-Based Diet

Published by Programme B

If you have decided that you would like to have more of a plant-based diet, you will be happy to learn that there are many substitutions that you can make to your food. Many people think that they will have to give up some of their favourite foods when they eat a plant-based diets. In truth, this could not actually be further from the truth. 


Let’s kick things off with one of the easiest substitutions you can make – milk. Even if you do not want to switch to a fully plant-based diet, you might still want to look into alternative milks due to a lactose intolerance or some other health reasons. Luckily, there are many different substitute milks out there for you to try.

One of the most prevalent alternatives is soy milk. It is relatively easy to find this substitution, whether you are in a supermarket or a café or coffee shop. There are also several nut milks. Almond and cashew milk are two of the most common, but you can also find macadamia milk in some places. You could also try coconut milk, as another common alternative, or oat or rice milk. There are plenty for you to try!

Protein Shakes

If you use protein shakes as part of your recovery from exercise, you might struggle to come up with something that could replace the whey protein in these shakes. However, looking into the benefits of whey protein vs. plant protein might reveal that plant protein is a good choice for a replacement.

You might even still have a mixed diet but want to step in more of a plant-based direction. Looking into whey protein vs. plant protein could offer this as a viable alternative. Getting enough protein in your diet is incredibly important, and you will still be able to do so even if you make a switch to a more plant-based diet.


On top of your protein intake, you might find that you often miss certain types of food. Many people find that they miss meat products like chicken and bacon, though they do not want to go back to eating meat full-time. 

There are several meatless alternatives that you can try. If you miss bacon, you should be able to find plenty of alternatives. Mushroom is a popular alternative here – in particular, portobello mushrooms sliced thinly – and this allows you to potentially make your own. 

The market is also booming with chicken alternatives. If you miss chicken nuggets, there are so many options out there for meatless ones. You should be able to find lots of alternatives that will keep any cravings at bay. 


Another option for meat replacements comes in the form of fruits. These might not be the first thing that you think about when trying to come up with a meat alternative, but there are several that make for a great option. For example, did you know that you can barbeque watermelon? With the right marinade, you can easily create a great alternative to steaks that you can have at a summer barbeque. 

The other alternative that you should consider is jackfruit. This is one of the most popular alternatives that you could choose. It makes a fantastic burger, and you can also shred it to make a plant-based variation of a dish like pulled pork. Learning how to cook with these will help you out massively if you don’t want to eat a lot of meat alternatives like Quorn.


Saying goodbye to cheese can be a massive difficulty for those who want to move towards a more plant-based diet. As with milk, this switch might also be motivated by certain health needs. There are a few choices that you have access to. 

If you want an actual cheese alternative, you will be able to find plenty of options out there. Vegan cheese is usually made from a starchy material like potato or tapioca that is then combined with vegan milk like soy or almond. This can be bought in a block, or can come pre-sliced, and is the perfect addition to a jackfruit burger.

If you are searching for something that will give you a cheesy flavor, you need to track down nutritional yeast. This is great mixed into a sauce for macaroni cheese, and it can also be used in many other ways to create some amazing dishes. 

Learn How to Cook

Those who want to switch to a more plant-based diet have a simple decision ahead of them – they need to learn how to cook. Though there are many options out there nowadays for ready meals and takeaways, this can be expensive compared to actually being able to cook your favorite dishes.

Nowadays, there is a massive plant-based movement. If you want to learn how to cook – whether that is plant-based food or a mixed diet – you are going to be able to find countless blogs and recipes to try. You should also head on YouTube to see what you can find. There will always be some tips and tricks to help you improve your palette and become a better cook.

The advantage of learning how to cook plant-based food is that you will also have access to a wide variety of recipes from all over the world. There are so many cultures that already cook a lot of plant-based recipes, and you have the perfect chance to try out their cuisine if you are willing to dive in and learn how to cook it!

As you can see, there are plenty of options for those who want to make substitutions between animal products and plant-based ones. With a little research and a lot of taste testing on your part, you should be able to track down some great alternatives that you are happy to mix into your diet. Dive in and see what is out there for you to try. You should be able to put together a great list of foods to try!

Photo by Brian Lazo from Pexels