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The Main Visual Trends of 2021: How to Make Your Photographs Worth Watching

The Main Visual Trends of 2021: How to Make Your Photographs Worth Watching

Published by Programme B

The world has changed, and with it, so has visual communication. In 2021, brands and content creators, whether they’re the biggest and most popular institution like BetChan Casino Canada or a small family business just starting out, face the challenge of understanding the new demands, values, and pain points of their customers, redefining authenticity in photography and engaging audiences with short videos and dynamic design. This year, leading visual communication experts collaborated with creative agencies from around the world to gather ideas and form a vision for how visual communication will evolve in the near future.

1. Symbols of Optimism

Audiences are more likely to interact and remain loyal to brands that uplift and inspire confidence in the future. In 2021, the best solution for content creators is to use inspiring bright color palettes and rounded fonts that cheer up customers and create a friendly atmosphere.

This year, positive visuals will be the main form of communication with the audience. Concepts such as the slow living will inspire customers and become symbols of optimism that people around the world will appreciate.

  • Keywords: optimism, slow living, joy

2. It’s Time for Wellness

Among the key needs of customers, today is health and wellness. Brands and content creators use images that illustrate exercise, self-care, and relaxation to deliver one important message. We shouldn’t forget that good sleep, regular nutrition and physical activity are basic human needs.

The theme of wellness is not limited to the messages shared by content creators. The visual component of this trend is in the balanced, calm colors in the design, as well as photos, illustrations, and videos that motivate and help show the brand’s care about the physical and digital health of the audience.

  • Keywords: routine, motivation, lifestyle

3. Closer to Nature

We look to nature to distract and turn our attention to what’s really important. In design, this trend is reflected in the use of natural tones and botanical patterns that help reduce stress levels, improve mood and increase productivity.

Nature-inspired color palettes, authentic photography, and organic elements in motion graphics will be a win-win if you’re looking for web design ideas for 2021. An even more impressive and immersive user experience can be achieved with calming audio tracks. For example, the mesmerizing sounds of forests from around the world will harmoniously complement the nature-inspired design. 

  • Keywords: calming, botanical, immersive

4. Virtual Empathy

Using XR technology can be the fastest way to deliver an important message, influence consumer habits, and accelerate change. The stories that brands tell through VR, AR, and MR should be sincere and authentic, not just visually appealing. 

Companies and creators should develop interactive scenarios in which the user plays a major role and has a multi-sensory experience, just like in the real world. Only by fully immersing an audience in an environmental disaster, regional conflicts, or everyday life in different parts of the world can we make them more aware of local issues and the global challenges we face.

  • Keywords: XR, immersion, storytelling

5. Authenticity 2.0.

Customers are always looking for more authentic content. They used to look for images that conveyed emotion and perfectly described their active lifestyles. But images that illustrate the has-been culture have been replaced by images that show remote work, homesteading and slow living.   

At a time when material customer values are being replaced by predominantly spiritual ones, content creators should rethink the notion of authenticity. Brands, in turn, will need to find ways to connect with audiences through more authentic and engaging stories in which image choice remains a key factor.

  • Keywords: authenticity, family, emotionality

6. The Aesthetics of Cinematography

This year, photographers who tend to be experimental in their work are inspired by the aesthetics of cinema. To convey the atmosphere of a shot, they create photos and videos with compositions that leave a lot of space around the subjects, paying attention to detail, using muted color palettes and minimal post-processing. 

The authors are constantly trying new lighting techniques to get the framing right, inventing innovative ways of shooting, inspired by movies and TV shows. This trend in photography makes us even more ecstatic about the images that look like something out of a movie. 

  • Keywords: atmospheric, muted, detailed

7. Snack Content

TikTok’s ever-growing audience of users and the launch of Instagram Reels paved the way for the “snack video” format, which is ideal for quick content consumption. Creators of videos from around the world capture viewers’ attention with authentic, compelling stories that last just a couple of seconds.

To save time, snap videos are created with a smartphone or mirrorless camera. Video editing apps and tools from Instagram and TikTok help further shorten the period from creation to publication. This new short video format is chosen by brands who want to respond quickly to events, share updates through situational content and reach new audiences. 

  • Keywords: vertical, engaging, situational

8. Audiovisual Immersion

In 2021, audio and visual content go hand-in-hand to help brands better engage with audiences and leave a lasting impression. Short snippets of music in videos, sound effects in apps, and tracks on websites force users to engage both their auditory and visual senses. Consequently, they get an improved experience with the product, project, or brand itself.

Clients are exploring the use of sound effects and music in themed projects to provide a stronger emotional response from the audience. Audio is becoming an important element for companies looking to stay competitive and create unique online and offline experiences.

  • Keywords: engaging, abstract, dynamic

9. The Game in Design

The global lockdown has accelerated the digitalization of the world, forcing everyone to adapt to the new reality. As customers get used to doing everyday things online, designers are looking for ways to keep their interest.

The use of game elements on websites, apps, and other design projects is a new user-centered approach that brands should adopt. Themed Challenges and animated scores, stylized badges, and ratings or more complex interaction based on motion design enhance user immersion. His journey becomes smoother and more engaging, even when it comes to everyday activities like banking, work, or sports.

  • Keywords: interactive, motion, animated


Photo by Anastasia Pavlova from Pexels