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Top 9 songs to listen to while playing at the casino

Top 9 songs to listen to while playing at the casino

Published by Programme B

Here are a top 9 songs to listen to while playing during your next session at PlayAmo Canada or a similar gambling site. You can take this playlist everywhere, including on your computer if your option remains online casino games.

№1: DogsToo much class for the neighborhood”

Yes, it takes a certain class to enter a casino. Forget the flipflops, bathrobe, and white socks. Here, only good taste is good enough. This draw from the dogs of Rouen is the quintessential one and is as timeless as a classic.

№2: PhoneFlipper

Roulette fans only need one ball, but JeanLouis Aubert’s group has brought to the forefront the famous 3round games of our electric and smoky teenage years. If at the Casino, only one bet is enough, for Telephone, the extra ball also counts.

№3: Casino MusicFaîte le proton

You couldn’t miss a group that chose to be called Casino Music. Group of journalist Gilles Riberolles, the band was one of the spearheads of the French new wave in the 80s, even if many people missed this disco interpretation of the new wave.

№4: Marquis de SadeConrad Veidt“.

The Rennes group is still an enigma today. While the AngloSaxons have been seizing rock and its derivatives for more than 60 years, only the Bretons of Marquis de Sade (and a few German bands) have been able to create original and still relevant music. Wasn’t it the frontman of The Cure who dreamed of singing for the divine Marquis?

№5: FlayedFortunate sound”

The Mecca of gambling remains Vegas. And for a French rock band, nothing beats a good US cover to define its influences. This is the case with this excellent cover of Creedence Clearwater Revival which equals the original

№6: Ultra VomitKammtaar”

Under Rammstein’s influence, the metal of the Bretons (they are from Nantes) is no less devoid of humor. The proof of the beautiful mastery of their art? They are regularly invited to the Hellfest. Yes, they also perform on stage!


№7: Hi it’s CoolYou are pros

Group names are free of any marketing rules. And their music too. For a long time available for free on their website, the pop quartet’s records inject a good dose of techno, house, hardtech, minimal, psytrance, and other tribes to better party at the time of the winnings!

№8: Therapie TaxiChula” (Taxi Therapy)

The band fills entire Zeniths with their provocative pop. In 2020, it takes a certain amount of selfconfidence to release raw tracks that only shock the old ones. Yes, in its time Téléphone posed naked on the cover of its second album

№9: Grys GrysMilk cow blues

We all have our ticks and tics. And when it’s time to roll the dice, we all invoke the grail of the players. To each his gray! In Montpelier, the group that brings luck has found its name: Grys Grys and practices a wild and addictive garage worthy of the best English bands of the ‘60s. 

Photo by Rachel Claire from Pexels