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Create a Video Marketing Strategy with 5 Easy Steps

Create a Video Marketing Strategy with 5 Easy Steps

Published by Programme B

Can you believe most people spend their average time watching videos? They consume most of their free time watching different types of videos during their free time. It makes them happy, and they feel that they are more connected with the subject or their preferred niche. 

Various marketers are utilizing this trend in their business marketing goals. They want to reach the maximum number of audiences. Therefore, as your competitor, they are trying to use video marketing as their primary marketing strategy. It makes them feel secure in terms of business marketing strategy. 

If you want to make that smart move for a tour business, you must follow a video marketing strategy. A strategy that helps you take your business to heights. Here, you will get five easy steps to incorporate these strategies into your business goals

Step 1: Get to Understand Your Audience.

The basic marketing is to push a marketing pitch and wait for the response. But in that course, you somehow lose touch with your real audience and what they want. Suppose you run a retail store, then you can talk about the recent festive offers that are coming and attract them to your store. But, if you are a lifestyle coach and talk about an outfit that you like, it will confuse the audience with what they are getting to follow your or your brand. 

Your aim is not to confuse them rather understand their pain points. So, there is a situation where you have to understand your audience. As an ideal business owner, you must close your eyes and think about what kind of customers you want for your business. Then, you can create a buyer persona; the answer is itself there. 

The buyer persona will be helpful for the video marketing strategy. Right from making the script to uploading the video, you should focus on the buyer persona. What they want to watch, learn from your videos. As a tip, you must make more How-To videos to educate, encourage and inspire them to look after you and your brand. 

The buyer persona also sets the brand’s tone, like whether they want funny or serious videos. Accordingly, you have to make videos and incorporated them into your video marketing strategy. 

Step 2: Outline the Plan for Video Content

Outlining the content means planning a content schedule for your videos. It depends on whether you want to post videos once or twice a week or two times in a month. Whatever you decide, you have to stick to that plan because that will help your audience come back at the same time to watch your videos. Remember, consistency is the key to video marketing strategy. 

When you are crafting your plan, it’s imperative to prioritize the security of your video content. If this step is missed, it could lead to unauthorized access which makes it extremely easy for people to copy and share material even if it’s copyrighted. This can cause a significant loss in profits for content creators. Therefore, it’s essential to implement the use of a multi drm strategy to better protect your content from piracy. By incorporating a DRM into your plan, you can stay in control of your content.

Sub Point: types of marketing videos for your audience

  • How-To
  • Explainer Video
  • Behind the scene video
  • Tips videos
  • Educational video
  • Humorous video

The above is the list of videos you can make for your audience. No, you do not have to make all the videos. You can choose two to three options and stick to that. You must maintain a spreadsheet to ideating the content topics with bullets. 

Now decide the length of the video as advice; it must be at least two minutes video for better engagement. You can make long videos like 29 minutes to 1-hour video. It depends on the topic and valuable information that you want to provide. Yes, the audience will watch long videos if you out extensive valuable information in the video. Also, the video should have CTA for better engagement and encouragement for the audience to make it better. 

Step 3: Divide and Win the Content

After analyzing the buyer persona and content strategy, it is time for you and the team to divide the work like scripting, decide the background, dress up and makeup, having your videographer team as you back up for lighting, then record the video, edit the video on the editing table and uploading it as the final step. 

No worries if you are a small business owner and you are a one-person army. Still, you can do it if you plan and categorize your work as per your schedule. At first, your video will not be excellent, but with practice and confidence, it will surely reach the top.  

Subpoint: tips on creating a marketing video

  • Learn from your previous videos and focus on those imperfect things. 
  • Start practising before you finally record the video. 
  • Speak slow but clear for the audience to understand
  • Keep a record of your improvement

Step 4: It’s Time to Upload

Now that you have done recording and editing with a Video Editor and now it’s time to upload the video. Also, there is an option of live streaming on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, and for this, you do not need any editing. Before you start doing a Live Session, look into other competitors and check how they speak with a live audience. Jot down points which you like and incorporate the same in the video. 

Step 5: Check on the Metrics

After uploading the video, you should check the insights or metrics of the video. It says about the performances of the video. Watch time, audience interaction, and many more aspects that count to follow good metrics. The metrics will determine how you have to perform in the upcoming videos. It gives you an idea to check what your audience likes and which type of content they prefer to watch. Take an idea and make that kind of video for your audiences. 


Now that you have learned about the five amazing strategies, it is time for you to implement them on your video marketing goals. All you need is a smartphone to record your video and follow all other strategies one-by-one. You do not need a high-end camera or a crew to start video marketing. It is a simple step, but if you follow all other things in a proper segment, you can make awesome videos to promote your business and increase its sales.