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Five Superfoods for Men’s Health

Five Superfoods for Men’s Health

Published by Programme B

Food defines everything. The way people sleep, act, smell, and feel. Undoubtedly, food plays a significant role in experiencing the world through scents and tastes, but it also fuels the body to be active and live life to the fullest. 

For men, especially, there are some foods that nutritionists and doctors recommend for different reasons. The core usually lies in their ability to influence men’s sexual performance positively, but it can also be about being healthy and happy in general. 

So, without further ado, let’s see what those foods are. For the purpose of this article, the foods that improve men’s health are called superfoods. 

Red Meat 

There are so many movies where wives cook meat for their husbands. While those black and white days are long gone, craving meat, especially red meat, should be typical of men. First of all, it is an excellent source of protein, especially if you eat beef and pork. Second, it contains an amino acid called leucine. It is an essential amino acid responsible for building a solid muscle mass. 

Dark Chocolate 

Who said that men should eat all the chocolate as women are on a diet? Of course, cocoa itself has many valuable properties, but the way it is mixed with sugar and other additives can affect the body severely. For that reason, opting for dark chocolate would be a wise decision to make. Although scientists still argue, some studies suggest that dark chocolate can keep the level of cholesterol down and regulate blood pressure. 


Nutritionists have long favored nuts as they serve as a great source of healthy fats, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that nuts are part of almost any diet. However, some of them can be extremely good for your phallus as well. For example, brazil nuts with selenium in them make for an excellent choice. This mineral plays a significant role in producing healthy sperm, and it also has its say in testosterone levels and fertility. 


Oh, that mouth-watering red fruit is the all-time favorite of many people. Can you imagine a hot summer without a cool watermelon slice? Well, it turns out that this fruit can also help with manhood stuff as it is extremely rich in L-citrulline. This is yet another amino acid that helps get a better and firmer erection and drives blood flow to the penis. 


Carrots and baby carrots can help potential daddies have babies. How? This vegetable is rich in nutrients improving sperm quality and quantity. It also helps achieve higher sperm motility, i.e., how mobile your sperm is to get to the egg. Scientists attribute this to the abundance of carotenoids that help to synthesize Vitamin A. Besides all of its health benefits, it also helps to prevent prostate cancer. 

By adding these foods to your diet and consuming them regularly, you will start harvesting the benefits soon. However, if you feel that you are experiencing more complex issues with your sexual performance, make sure to apply to a men’s health doctor. Specialized care paired with targeted treatment will help you solve your problems and continue enjoying life. 

Photo by Los Muertos Crew from Pexels