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Interior Design Trends In 2021

Interior Design Trends In 2021

Published by Leonardo Calcagno

Through the blog post, we’ll consider top interior design trends in 2021.

A trend is what’s hip or popular at a certain point in time. Home decorating trends are always connected to the fashion trends, and both are driven largely by social, economic, and cultural lifestyle patterns. Trying to guess the next major design trends may be daunting and requires a lot of detailed analysis ro reach new conclusions.

Let’s take a moment to consider an essential question before diving into predicted trends in interior design. 


What Is an Interior Design Trend?

Interior design trends are how we interpret what’s happened before, to help us try and understand and forecast the future. Trend forecasting is about determining consumers’ wants and needs and offering innovative ideas while relying on the past. A gradual change from what was to what will be. And what we have now will soon be what was in the past, ready for re-analysis and adoption at a later point. In the end, design is cyclical – continuously derived from previous season’s trends.

Now, as promised…


Top Interior Design Trends In 2021

We spoke with several experts, interior and furniture designers to reveal the trends we can expect to see in 2021 and into 2022. 

The home decor trends below encompass all aspects of contemporary interior design. And while the various looks are gaining momentum, they are so variable in taste and style – some of these trends may be ideal for the space where you live, others… less so. 

Whether you decide to take them or leave them, these are the top interior design trends for 2021 that we think are worth considering.

  • Cane Webbing

Cane is a tall, perennial grass cultivated for its flexible and woody stalks. Traditionally, people used cane to plait baskets, mats, and fish traps. Besides that, cane strips have been historically valuable as a material for roofing and boat-making. 

Eco-friendly materials are the favorites of the moment. Cane is friendly to mother earth and it can be reused and recycled. It’s a perfect material to add texture and warmth to your space. 

Its natural texture is perfect for creating contrast with other materials used in modern interiors such as marble, leather, golden accents, and matte black. 

Cane pieces are adaptive and versatile. It fits with almost every design style. It’s classic, effortless, and versatile. 

  • Black Frames

Black framed interior doors, windows, and partitions have gained popularity in contemporary homes. The black windows provide the perfect frame for your outside view, especially when it’s a garden. Use black windows to frame and connect your interiors with the exterior. 

Black frames create a high contract so they work great with light-colored walls. They are timeless, elegant, and go with almost any decoration style such as Scandinavian, Japanese, contemporary, and industrial. 

It can also be an excellent option for creating stylish interior partitions to divide spaces subtly, contributing to the contrast and sophistication of the space. 

  • Nature-Inspired Colors

Earthy colors like forest green, dark warm neutrals, browns, beiges, and terra cotta are 2021’s favorites. They are elegant and fresh colors. They bring a feeling of peace and tranquility to the human spirit offering refuge, hope, and security. They work well with warm textures such as natural wood, jute, and golden accessories. 

You can use it:

  • on an accent wall
  • chair
  • sofa
  • ottoman
  • cushion

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  • Natural Light Wood

Wood furniture trends are a constant must for timeless interiors. Wood in light tones gives the space a relaxed and fresh style. Thanks to their lightness, they give the space larger than it actually is. Besides that, light wood can be used in any style and space. 

Incorporate it on flooring, wall paneling, or furniture. Creating contrast with accents in dark tones is essential to wow guests and give visual weight to the space. 

  • Black Accents

Black has been one of the great favorites in the last few years and it will not stop for 2021. We will continue to see it strongly in contemporary interiors, especially in lamps, coffee tables, vases, or decorative elements. 

Black creates a dramatic and rich contrast to the trend of using natural and rustic materials like jute, natural wood, organic fabrics, tan leather, and earth tones. 

Black and natural materials are the most wanted combination this 2021. It is perfect for adding visual weight and a tactile and sophisticated feel to the spatial composition. 

  • Textural Elements

Contrast and elements with rich textures are favorites this year. Incorporate texture throughout your beautiful throw cushions, furniture, vases, rugs, baskets, and decoration accessories. Dare to mix and match different textures like rustics with brushed gold and matte surfaces with shiny surfaces. 

Contrast is a necessary design principle to create unique and interesting spaces. Textures are essential to give space depth, contrast, and visual richness. 

  • Wall Paneling

Wall panels add dimension to your space, set the tone, and define the aesthetic of a room. There are various ways to incorporate it into your interiors such as ribbed panels, floor-to-ceiling wall panels, classics, and so forth. 

Incorporate it as an accent wall in your living room, at the head of the bed, or in any area where you think it is convenient to add an interesting texture. You can choose to live the panels in natural wood color to create contrast or paint it with your walls’ color to achieve a more subtle and elegant look. 

  • Natural and Sustainable Materials

Natural and sustainable materials continue to be a trend in 2021. Adding items that have a natural feel or are from organic roots would give your home the warmth of nature. 

Recycled materials, natural fiber, terra-cotta, bamboo, brick, stone, seagrass are a must-have. In addition, local or vintage shopping is a great way to reuse objects that can add a unique touch to space. 

  • Organic structures

Softer and more relaxed morphology in decorative objects and furniture will continue to reign in interiors. This trend seeks to soften contemporary objects’ rigidity by proposing more creative, joyful, and interesting forms that adapt to the human body. We will see this trend incorporated into sofas, accent chairs, ottomans, lamps, and decorative objects. 

  • Warm Palette

Warm neutrals are great for giving our spaces a minimalistic and cozy feel. They are shades that perfectly complement the trend of using natural materials, earth tones, and trendy styles like Japandi. Warm neutrals served as a perfect backdrop for all trends focused and inspired by nature. Warm neutrals are excellent for creating calm spaces, essential conditions for any area of your home. 

Final Thoughts

Your home reflects your aesthetic and affects how you feel. 2021 is all about making the changes to achieve a relaxed and beautiful space. Enjoy the process!

Photo by Meruyert Gonullu from Pexels