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Key Factors In a Successful Restaurant Design & Architecture

Key Factors In a Successful Restaurant Design & Architecture

Published by Programme B

Doesn’t the restaurant business look very remunerative from afar? Many people worldwide have no awareness about the business and jump into the restaurant business, due to which they do not earn any profit. Due to a lack of business sense, multiple restaurants are open in a year and close within the same year. Recent survey studies have shown that the sale of restaurants is far more as compared to grocery stores, which shows the change in trend about people’s choice for food. 

There are many factors that have to be considered while you open a restaurant. Among them, the most important is its unique design and architecture. Restaurants are places where people come to enjoy and relax. Therefore, if your restaurant is too noisy, it will have a negative impact on your customers, which ultimately affects your eatery status in the restaurant’s market. So, you must have to be very careful regarding suitable soundproofing in your restaurants.

How restaurant design affects the customer’s experience?

While you plan your restaurant, you will definitely consider many factors, such as location, good food, staff, the menu, well-trained chef, and website. But, if you don’t count the restaurant’s design in your key factors, you can influence your customer satisfaction.

The restaurant business is one of the most saturated businesses. Make sure the successful person doesn’t do different things. He does the same things in a unique way. 

To stand out in an already saturated market, you should be very much concerned about customer’s satisfaction which you can not gain without an elegant design and architecture.

Your restaurant should be designed in such an eye-catching way that any passerby could barely stop himself to not visit your eatery. The comfort of your guest will affect the overall experience of your restaurant. 

Food’s effects on an eatery design

Food plays an essential role in running your eatery business because ultimately, the food you offer and its taste are the main factors in making your customers satisfied. You wonder how a restaurant’s food is linked with its design. 

If you decide to open a burger shop, then definitely you won’t design your restaurant like an Italian bistro. The food you offer should be reflected by your restaurant design. Food basically shows the culture of the specific area where it belongs, and it will be a positive factor to design your restaurant in such a way that reflects that culture.

Key Factors In a Successful Restaurant Design & Architecture

There are multiple factors that you should consider while you design any eatery outlet. Some of them are listed below.

  1. Colour theme of your restaurant

Since colour perception is directly linked with emotions, colours in your restaurant play a significant role to provide the customer with a soothing effect and making them happy. The creative idea while choosing colour themes in your restaurant’s interior always consider your brand’s colour.

Psychology has been proven that red and yellow colours enhance the person’s appetite by increasing the metabolic rate. Blue colour has proven to provide soothing effects to customers. Therefore, you must have seen the use of blue colours in many fine-dine restaurants.

  1. The lighting of the restaurants

Lightning plays a significant impact on customer’s satisfaction. It depends on your restaurant’s theme how you want to illuminate your space. If your restaurant’s theme is of an open type and if your restaurant is located near the sea, then you should use a plain glass wall through which customers can get visual pleasure. By using plain glass, you can also use sunlight as a source of light for your restaurant.

Through surveys, it has been concluded that in natural light people enjoy food more.

  1. Designing the space

People who come for dinner usually spend a fair amount of time in a restaurant; therefore, you should consider comfort factors while designing the restaurant. Spacing in restaurants is a very important factor. Make sure don’t place tables close together because it will make your restaurant packed full.

  1. Furniture and accessories 

These are the main factors that enhance your restaurant’s design. You should consider your space and theme while choosing accessories and furniture. If your theme is sort of  traditional, then you can go for wooden furniture or iron rod etc. In accessories, there are multiple things you can place in your restaurant, but crockery lies on the top because it should be according to your food, restaurant’s theme and design.

  1. Decide on a concept

Which type of restaurant do you want to own? While you plan about any restaurant business, you should have to be clear regarding which type of restaurant you want to open.

Many people do not have a sense of the design of any particular restaurant type. For example, if you decided to open a restaurant whose specialty dish is burger, then you won’t design your restaurant as an Italian bistro. 

A fine dining restaurant has distinctive properties. To maintain its distinctiveness, you have to use expensive crockery and furniture etc. There are multiple types of restaurants nowadays. Some of them are listed below

  • Fine dining
  • Casual dining
  • Contemporary casual
  • Family style
  • Fast casual
  • Fast food
  • Cafe
  • Buffet
  • Food trucks
  • Food concession stands
  • Pop-up restaurants and bars
  • Ghost restaurants