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Popular Ways to Save Energy in a New Home

Popular Ways to Save Energy in a New Home

Published by Programme B

When you’re moving into a new home, it may feel like there are a million things to consider, but that doesn’t mean you should forget about opting for energy-efficient options.

Caring for the Earth

Adopting a lifestyle that’s devoted to saving energy isn’t only about money. With all of the signs of global warming popping up in recent years, homeowners everywhere must make changes to save on energy consumption. You’ll also be happy to know that you’re contributing to a greener earth and helping to make a positive contribution for future generations.

With these goals in mind, here are a few of the most popular ways to make your home more energy-efficient:

Energy Efficient Windows

When it comes to purchasing windows, there can be a significant difference in the product’s ability to allow heat to enter your home, as well as its ability to keep that energy from escaping. During the winter, this free heat from the sun can enormously impact your utility bills.

It is crucial to get a professional installation to ensure that your windows are properly installed and placed to maximize heat absorption, given that these factors contribute enormously to your home’s ability to conserve energy. 

If you’re looking to add quality Toronto windows in your home that are designed to maximize energy efficiency, talk to a trusted company that specializes in doors and windows to learn more about your options. 

Smart Thermostats

The latest innovations in smart thermostats introduced a new technology that can help you maintain better control of how you use your heating and cooling systems. These gadgets allow you to control your home’s climate with your phone, and they also allow your thermostat to monitor the power you use and offer efficient automated settings. 

Another advantage of using a smart thermostat is that you can control your home’s temperature online from anywhere in the world, so you’ll never end up wasting money when dramatic climate fluctuations occur while you’re on vacation.

LED Lighting 

Ever since the downfall of the incandescent bulb, people have been racing to find better and better ways to increase the efficiency of regular home lighting. While there are still various options on the market, the current winner seems to be LED lights. 

LED lights use about 85% less energy than traditional bulbs and are highly versatile while boasting an extremely long lifespan. Given that about a quarter of the average energy costs in a home are taken up by lighting, replacing your lights with an LED option can provide a significant boost to your home’s lighting efficiency. 

Making choices that help you save money while benefiting the earth is a win-win situation, but it isn’t only open to those about to build a new home. Get started on making your house more efficient by talking to a professional door and window supplier today.