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10 Inspiring Tips for Mixing Wood Finishes in Your Home

10 Inspiring Tips for Mixing Wood Finishes in Your Home

Published by Programme B

Mixing multiple wood finishes in your home might sound like a major no-no, but it’s actually easier than you think

Sometimes, breaking the rules is exactly what we should be doing. Especially when it comes to the interior of our homes. If we play by the book 100% of the time, things tend to get a little boring. 

In the same way that you wouldn’t want the interior color scheme of your house to be all one solid color, e.g. everything solid black or everything white, you shouldn’t try to match all the wood textures and finishes in your house either. 

When is the right for mixing and matching wood finishes?

When a room feels flat like there’s just something missing and you need to liven things up a bit, adding a splash of clash can be just the thing it needs.

So in other words, the answer to the question of “when is the right time to add multiple wood finishes to a room”, is whenever you want!

The only rule is that you don’t overdo it. 10 different wood finished might make a room feel a bit overdone and unorganized. But mixing 3 maybe 4 different wood finishes is ok if you do it in the right way. 

10 ways to incorporate different wood finishes in the home

The following are some tips and tricks for making a mixed wood finish space work in your favor. These aren’t hard rules, but can certainly play a role in how your space will feel. 

Considering your base wood

For those that are starting from scratch, it’s a good idea to carefully consider your base wood. 

The area of your home that has a large area of wooden surface area would be your base. For some people, the base wood might be hardwood floors. Others might have a wood-paneled wall. Where ever the largest amount of wood is, that’s your base.

When mixing wood finishes, you’ll want to compliment your base tone, by adding contrast. If your base wood is a dark rich tone, you’ll want to try to stick with light warm, and bright wood finishes for the rest of the items in the space.

Match the warm and cool tones

Similar to building off of your base wood finish, it’s wise to consider the tones of the wood you use in a space. 

Some wood has cooler undertones, like maple and ash. While other woods like cherry, oak, and walnut tend to have warmer tones. You’ll want to keep your woods in the same tone family if possible. 

Consider the lighting

Does the living space you’re working on have an abundance of natural light? If so, keep in mind that sunlight makes wood finishes appear brighter and warmer, and darker spaces will make cool wood appear even cooler. 

Vintage items get a free pass

One exception to the rules is that vintage items get a free pass. An item that has an obviously worn, vintage charm can work well as a statement piece, as doesn’t need to fit into the warm or cool tone rule book.

Customizable farmhouse tables 

Farmhouse tables are a popular option for adding wood finishing in complex rooms. Farmhouse tables are completely customizable and not only that, but they are also sturdy and made with longevity and durability in mind. 

What you place on top of farmhouse tables can make a difference

The decorative items that you place on top of a farmhouse table can completely transform a room! Adding too much clutter isn’t ideal, but a simple vase of flowers or a house place can do wonders to work with the natural element of wood finishes. 

Neutrals are your friend 

Keeping things like couches, chair cushions, and curtains to a neutral tone is important for making a wooden room feel well put together.

Add color accents

Color accents are ok, and are warmly welcomed! Adding splashes of color through accent pillows or kitchen towels is a great idea.

Don’t forget about rugs

Rugs should reflect the light or dark base tone of the wood and should be used to add simple contrast. A large, no patterned rug underneath rustic-looking farmhouse tables would be the perfect combination. 

A faux fur or hide rug would add a nice minimal touch of farmhouse style.

Wall art should reflect your wooden surfaces

The art in your wooden spaces shouldn’t be too overstating, as the wooden finishes should be the main focus point. Keep wall art simple and minimal