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3 Reasons You May Want to Try Cannabis Edibles

3 Reasons You May Want to Try Cannabis Edibles

Published by Programme B

Now that Canada legalized recreational cannabis, many people formerly opposed to the plant are newly curious about trying it. It turns out a non-negligible number of people weren’t uninterested in consuming cannabis; they just wanted to abide by the law.

However, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of information about cannabis products, strains, and more. If you’re new to trying cannabis, here are a few reasons why you may find edibles appealing.

Discreet and Smoke-Free

It’s reasonable to object to the smoke and second-hand smoke produced by smoking cannabis in joint form. To be sure, many medical patients prefer smoking cannabis to other smoke-free alternatives, and they often face undeserved stigma.

But if you prefer going smoke-free, edibles are for you. You can also take them discreetly and quickly. You don’t need to break up dried flower and roll a joint or fill a vape, you just eat them.

If you’ve ever been too lazy to roll a joint or don’t know how to, then you’ll understand some of the appeal of edibles.


It’s easy to find Canadian THC edibles that pack a serious punch for experienced smokers or those whose cannabinoid systems require a jolt before they feel something. Edibles come in various strengths, and you need to be careful about how much you’re taking.

Cannabis edibles can vary in intensity depending on the milligrams of cannabis they contain. However, on sight, it’s impossible to tell their potency. Be careful always to check how many milligrams of cannabis they contain, and only gradually increase the dosage if the lesser ones aren’t enough.

If you need edibles for medicinal cannabis, speak to your healthcare practitioner, who can authorize the right product, cultivar, and dosage level.

Variety of Flavours, Foods, and Drinks

If you aren’t up on the scene, you might assume that cannabis edibles are limited to things like brownies and cookies. For years, the world of edibles consisted of amateurs making weed butter products as best as they knew how.

However, the growing world of recreational cannabis has caused the variety of professional-grade edibles to surge. Now, it’s easy to find edibles in the form of gummies, candies, and even drinks and skincare products. The options out there let you control for things like dietary restrictions, allergies, flavour preferences, and more.

Whether you want an Indica, Sativa, or CBD edibles, you can find all that and more in various forms. There are new types of edibles released on the market all the time, even in restaurants. Check back in periodically to see the latest. 

Whether you use cannabis as medicine, to relax after a stressful day, or simply because you like it, it’s good that the negative stigmas are fading away. When used correctly, cannabis can be safe and enjoyable. If you’re curious about cannabis and you’re considering dabbling in edibles, remember the above advice, and you’re sure to have a great time in a safe environment.