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In Canada, Cannabis is Everywhere: What Should You Take?

In Canada, Cannabis is Everywhere: What Should You Take?

Published by Programme B

When Canada’s federal government legalized recreational cannabis in 2018, it made Canada one of the only Western countries to do so. You might have noticed a change, with dispensaries cropping up on nearly every street corner. 

If you’re new to cannabis but curious about trying it, the choices of products and strains can be overwhelming. If you need it for medical reasons, it’s crucial not to conflate the recreational cannabis market with the medical one. 

Let’s take a closer look at some of the considerations you need to consider before finding the right type of cannabis. 

Medical Patients

Medical cannabis can provide considerable relief for a range of symptoms and conditions, but you can’t simply walk into a corner store and get your medication like you would with Pepto Bismol. Licensed producers have a wide selection of medical cannabis products, including dried flower and edibles, but also softgels, oral sprays, topicals, cartridges, concentrates, and more. 

To get medical cannabis in Canada, all you need to do is get a medical document signed by a healthcare practitioner and submit it to the licensed producer. Then, you can access their online products.

The best licensed producers have cannabis-trained pharmacists who can diagnose patients and pick out the right products and cultivars. They’ll also make dosage recommendations based on the individual’s specific health needs, any other conditions they may have, and how their body responds to cannabis.

Medical cannabis may be covered in your insurance plan, and eligible groups like veterans and seniors get a discount on products. If something is wrong and you suspect that cannabis can make you feel better, speak to a doctor or healthcare practitioner. 

The Cannabis Act prohibits budtenders who work at dispensaries from giving medical advice.

Curious Newbies

If you are new to cannabis and are looking to try it now that it’s legal, you have many options to pick from. Ultimately, the main idea is begin with a low amount and take more as you increasingly feel comfortable.

The low-and-slow approach is even truer when taking cannabis edibles, which have a slow onset but pack a strong punch. If you don’t feel the effects of the edible you took, the best thing to do is just wait and don’t take anymore that day.

If you take a second dose before the first one kicks in, you’re liable to take too much and perhaps feel uncomfortable. Don’t worry! Just wait it out in a safe place in your home until the feeling disappears. 

Experienced Users

People who have taken cannabis recreationally for years grew up in a time before a range of cannabis products was widely available. Perhaps you’ve sampled many strains of cannabis, but the variety of products out there now will stun you.

Experiment with cultivars and products, if you’d like. Today’s world of cannabis is not like it used to be.

It might feel like cannabis is omnipresent given the level of media coverage and the ubiquity of storefronts. Make sure you get the right type of cannabis under proper supervision if you need medical cannabis. If you’re taking it recreationally, begin with a low amount of mild cannabis and increase it as you feel comfortable.