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Tips on Moving Expensive Household Items

Tips on Moving Expensive Household Items

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Moving is an extremely chaotic event that needs a lot of patience and effort. The process of moving includes many small tasks including finding a new house at your new place, securing a good job if moving to another city, searching for a reputable and reliable moving company, de-cluttering your household, packing, etc. As you have to handle multiple tasks at the same time, it is wise to plan each task well in advance. While your clothes can be handled anyway and they won’t get damaged but you just cannot handle your precious crockery and delicate electronics poorly. Transporting your expensive goods safely is a big challenge as the process is quite messy. Here we present a few tips from the top moving companies at to pack and handle your valuable household items for their safe transit.

Create an Inventory

Planning is the key for every successful work so make sure you plan your packing well and for that create an inventory. De-clutter your house before you start packing as this will reduce your moving cost and will eliminate unnecessary items from your house and would make space for better things. Take note of all the goods you plan to move; include every minute. As it might not be possible to note down the smallest of items, consider clicking pictures and making an inventory folder on your phone. This would help you in making a homeowner’s insurance claim.

Pack Smartly and Conspicuously

  • It is better to use original boxes for delicate and expensive electronic items like television. If you do not have the original packing, make sure you choose the right size box that should neither be too large nor too small for the item. As original boxes are designed to move that particular item, they are considered to be the safest but if you have not kept the packing safe, be sure about the size and quality of your chosen box.
  • We often see that fragile items like chinaware and glassware get damaged or broken during transit. This generally happens as we do not pack them properly. Make sure you use good cushioning material and fill in all the gaps in the moving box that carries fragile items. Use bubble wraps and packing peanuts to fill in the gaps and in between two fragile items. Consider using moving blankets to wrap appliances like TV, refrigerator, and furniture items. 
  • You can also keep your fragile and expensive items safe by placing them right. For instance, place a small box containing your microwave within a large box and fill in the gap with cushions, linens, and towels. This way you would save space and your microwave oven will also be moved safely as the outer layer of the box will reduce pressure on the internal item.
  • Packing your expensive items strategically is very important. Make sure you do not pack many heavy items in one large box. Also, keep heavier items at the bottom of the box after using enough and right cushioning material, and then keep lighter items at the top. This will save your lighter items from crushing. For added security when sending a crate containing your valuables, consider using a service like Shiply, which specializes in safe and reliable transportation solutions for delicate and expensive household items.
  • Label each box well. Labelling doesn’t only help in keeping your move organized and unpacking easy but it also helps the labor to handle things carefully. Labelling your boxes as Fragile and Handle with Care will make them understand that the box is containing some fragile and expensive items so should be placed smoothly. You can also mention the right direction of the moving boxes so that they should not place them upside down as that can also cause damage.

Let the Professionals Do

Do not pack everything yourself. While you may think that you can do it easily, some things should be left in the hands of professionals. Especially if you do not have the original packing of your television and other electronics, it is a good idea to get them packed by professionals. It is not easy to pack extra big items like furniture items and musical instruments like piano, get them packed by the professionals for their safe transportation.

Keep Valuable with You

Do not keep your valuables in the moving truck. Keep them with you and pack them well. Make sure you keep a paper or cotton pad between each jewelry item as jewelry is often very delicate and gets damaged even at the smallest of a jerk. It can be a little time-consuming but worth the effort so make sure you keep each jewelry item separate. Use a good quality box or suitcase to pack your valuables and consider using baking sheets and good quality packing paper to pack each jewelry piece.

Get the Right Insurance

No matter how wisely you pack and handle your stuff, it can get damaged during transit due to many reasons. It is highly recommended to buy moving insurance to be on the safer side. 

Use these tips to have a safe relocation experience and enjoy the process. Relocating from one place to another can be tough but when you have experts guiding you along, it becomes easy like a breeze.