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Why You Should Buy an Argo During the Winter

Why You Should Buy an Argo During the Winter

Published by Programme B

When you live in a part of the world that enjoys a real winter season – complete with days of extreme cold, snowstorms and freezing rain – you need to embrace the season. Rather than stay cooped up indoors for six or more months each year, you can invest in equipment that can help you to enjoy all of nature’s seasons. 

One of the best ways to make the most out of winter this season is to purchase an Argo. Here are a few reasons why an Argo is an exceptions machine for winter use:

Buying an Argo During the Winer

One excellent reason to buy an Argo during the winter is that there are so many uses that you can put it to in the snow and ice. Unlike many other vehicles designed to maneuver well in the snow, your Argo will allow you to transport a full load of cargo or passengers over rugged terrain and heavy snowfall with ease. If you’re considering making a purchase, there’s no time like the present to start looking for an Argo for sale in Ontario that will help you get more accomplished during the winter. 

Lower PSI for Better Maneuvering

The main reason that your Argo will work so well in the winter is that it contains a feature unlike any other vehicle. Namely, you can actually lower the PSI on your Argo way down to 0.7 to enable you to drive over snow with a full load. This very low PSI provides a snowshoe effect to increase winter mobility.  

Tracks and Ice Cleats

If you need more traction, there are also options for improvement. You can attach tracks to your wheels for use in deep snow or ice cleats to provide better traction on slippery winter surfaces. Better traction will enable you to get more done despite poor weather. 

Accessories for Winter Endurance

Another reason why an Argo is an excellent choice for a winter extreme terrain vehicle (XTV) is that you can buy an assortment of practical accessories to get you even further. Some of the extras that you might consider adding to your Argo for winter use include: 

  • Cab Full Fabric 
  • Folding Windshield
  • Windshield Wiper
  • Ice Cleat Kit
  • Track Assembly
  • Snow Plow

Year-Round Versatile Use

A snowmobile might provide you with a fun ride during the winter, but when the snow melts, it goes into storage to wait for another year. Alternatively, an Argo isn’t a seasonal vehicle at all. When the spring arrives, you’ll be able to traverse the muddy trails with ease. If you live near the water, you won’t have any roadblocks in your way since your Argo is amphibious. 

There’s no vehicle that’s quite as useful or versatile as an Argo XTV. If you’re interested in driving a machine that can help you to navigate almost anywhere, check out a dealership to learn about your options.