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Home Upgrades You Should Consider This Spring

Home Upgrades You Should Consider This Spring

Published by Programme B

After hibernating the winter away in the comfort of your cozy home, you’ve likely grown a bit tired of the way things look. With spring poking sunshine through your living room window, maybe it’s time to freshen up your home.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money transforming your house for spring. Simply roll up your sleeves and get ready for these seven easy upgrades you can do yourself to ring in the next season.

1.Spruce Up Your Garden Beds

Winter can be gray, cold and dreary, depending on where you live. Why not add colorful flowers to your garden beds to brighten your curb appeal? Adding a pop of color can do wonders for your landscaping and make your home stand out. 

You might want to approach gardening differently this year by planting native flora. The benefits of native gardening include:

  • Ensuring plants thrive in your region’s climate
  • Preventing soil erosion
  • Reducing air pollution
  • Improving water quality
  • Using fewer pesticides and fertilizers
  • Providing habitat for native species 

You can determine which plants grow best where you live by referring to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Plant Hardiness Zone Map. 

2. Refresh With Paint

Is there anything more refreshing than freshly-painted walls? This spring, upgrade your interiors with a coat of paint. 

Whether you’ve had your eye on a particular color for an accent wall or are looking to create a more serene environment with neutral tones, painting your home’s interiors is an affordable upgrade you can do yourself. You can also refer to color psychology to pick a paint hue for the mood you want to establish when you walk into the room.

If you plan to put your home on the market this spring or in the next few years, Zillow suggests that listings with black or charcoal doors tend to sell for over $6,000 the asking price. 

3. Hang a Gallery Wall

Personalize your space and tell a story with a unique gallery wall. Choose different works of art in various sizes and frames or create a uniform grid of black and white photos. 

While you can create a gallery wall however you like, design experts suggest separating your pieces by three to six inches is best. Here are some ways you can approach your layout:

  • Sketch your art or photo arrangements on a sheet of paper
  • Lay your intended design out on the floor
  • Use Command Strips to hang and easily remove their placement without ruining the paint

Whether you already have artwork and photography hanging or are working with a blank slate, a gallery wall can make the space feel like a whole new room. Visitors will also have plenty to talk about as they look over some of your favorite pieces and family memories.

4. Enhance Your Closet Storage

Spring cleaning is the perfect time to enhance the luxuriousness of your home with closet organizers. 

As you sift through your “keep” and “donate” piles, note what you have to put back. Rather than throwing clothes randomly into drawers or on racks, invest in a storage system that includes ample space for hangers, cubbies for folded shirts and a place to hold your shoes and other accessories.

Closet organization systems make it easier to pick out your clothes in the morning, prevent clutter, help you save money on your clothing budget and build more confidence in your appearance. 

Other places you can install storage systems may include your at-home office area, the kitchen pantry or the garage. 

5. Swap Out Light Bulbs

Consider swapping out incandescent light bulbs for light-emitting diode (LED) alternatives as you switch things up for spring. LED light bulbs are brighter, energy-efficient and cost much less to run. 

LED light bulbs can help you save upwards of 75% in energy and last 25 times longer than traditional light bulbs. 

Spring is the perfect time to take on projects that aim to turn your home greener. Opting for LED light bulbs is a cost-effective starting point. What better way to illuminate your home this season?

6. Add Wallpaper

Like a fresh coat of paint, wallpaper has a beautiful effect on a room’s aesthetic. You can find wallpaper in various colors, patterns and textures depending on your individual style preferences. 

Use a peel and stick wallpaper to add visual intrigue as an accent wall to your bedroom or living room. You might also consider placing it in your bathroom or dining room. 

Some people might find wallpaper designs too busy, preferring to use subtler hints of it. In that case, do you have a bookshelf or built-ins in your living room?? Maybe only stick the wallpaper as the background. You could also try wallpapering the backboard of an old cabinet or use it as an attractive liner in drawers. 

7. Let the Light in With Sheers

During the winter, heavy curtain panels can help keep your house warmer by blocking drafts. However, now that it’s spring, you’ll want to let the sun into your home. 

According to one study, natural light can improve depression, boost happiness levels and enhance sleep quality. Make your home feel brighter in minutes by taking down your dark curtains and hanging sheers instead. 

After spending so much time indoors throughout the colder season, getting enough vitamin D is extremely important.

Simple Upgrades to Welcome Spring

Something about springtime makes us feel more energized—like an awakening of sorts. Use some of that newfound energy in making simple upgrades to your interiors and curb appeal. Your home should match your brighter, happier mood this spring.

Photo by Vitalina from Pexels