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Rootree | SIAL CANADA 2022

Rootree | SIAL CANADA 2022

Published by Leonardo Calcagno

In collaboration with canenpak.  The leading supplier of sustainable solutions for the Canadian food and beverage industry
Visit canenpak at SIAL at booth 2854.


We chat with the VP of Products & Business Development, Pia Simran.

Can you tell us about your background and your company?
Entrepreneurship has been a part of my DNA my whole life. I have been actively involved and exposed to various family businesses from Wholesale, Manufacturing, and Hospitality Food Service. Hands-on learning has always been an integral part of my growth and experience. I have also had some tremendous opportunities of studying various independent entrepreneurial courses.

Rootree is a leading sustainable flexible packaging manufacturer. We are also a full-service creative agency, inclusive of packaging branding and design, marketing, as well as a product co-packing facility. Our Unique Company DNA and business model allow businesses to grow and launch their products into the market with ease.

Our company culture is community-centric; as a family business with roughly 60 employees, we are dedicated to providing our staff with opportunities to maintain their health, wellness, and personal development.
Being centrally located in Canada and able to offer a bilingual presence, we remain at the forefront of innovative development while keeping sustainability at our core.
Continuous commitment to technological advancements, along with the guidance of our corporate vision, mission, and values allow us to service and maintain a genuine connection with small to medium businesses.
Our partnership with reliable suppliers, our dedication to the environment and community, and our employee loyalty are the foundation on which Rootree is built.

I have been actively involved with Rootree since 2016 and since then have had the privilege of experiencing a variety of different positions, from Marketing, Production, Co-packing, and Sales which has allowed me to heighten my awareness of different technologies, methods, processes, and offerings. Through the hands-on component of the business as well as being involved in Research and Development, Sales, and other Departments, I have gained a good holistic view of our business capabilities and processes as well as an understanding of specifically what customers are looking for.
Personally, outside of business which in itself is an incredible passion for me, i enjoy spending time with my family, and singing, I am an avid traveler and have a keen desire to experience the world.
The Farm to table mindset suits me quite well, preparing fresh foods, spending my summer nights in the garden, and planting new vegetables is well enjoyed

How did your company and industry respond to the covid-19?

Fortunately, our industry very much benefited from COVID-19.

Food and Pharmaceutical packaging have been essential, and because Covid-19 presented a lot of logistical challenges worldwide causing extended delays, we have seen a tremendous shift in businesses moving away from overseas manufactured packaging to more local providers who offer flexibility and shorter runs.
Our ability to turn to package around fast has allowed us to serve a great number of companies, especially during this period. Additionally, we learned a lot about how many companies shifted from Retail to the E-commerce space and this also came with a variety of new learning opportunities. Package stability, performance requirements that came with fulfillment centers and the evolved logistical lifecycle of E-commerce Distribution allowed us to stay actively engaged with our customers and adapt where needed

How has your company and industry changed, because of the pandemic? Any new opportunities? any new way to do business?

Like many others, we have learned to fully embrace the hybrid work environment and digital connectivity tools. As an organization, we have had to shift priorities such as expanding capacity due to the increased volume requirement vs gaining to new abilities. As a result of the pandemic, we have also had to shift our strategy for employee retention as well. Historically, there has been many competitive opportunities that have been more difficult to achieve target pricing, but we have also seen a shift in customer mindset from “China Pricing” to “Local/Sustainable Options” which has created new trends and customer leniency.

What can we expect from your company at the SIAL? 

You can expect to hear about:
The most cutting-edge sustainable products as it pertains to flexible packaging
Upcoming Offerings such as Recyclable Spout Pouches, and our New Launch of Home Compostable Packaging
Expect our Team to talk to you about our A-Z Service offerings, Co-Packing, Creative Services as well as new certifications

Visit Rootree at Booth 2929