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The Happiest Cities in Alabama

The Happiest Cities in Alabama

Published by Programme B

How many people can actually say that they are happy in the city that they are currently living in? In the state of Alabama, there are several cities that have residents that are happy.

The happiest cities include Birmingham, Mountain Brook, and Vestavia Hills. Birmingham homes for sale are the best options, but Mountain Brook and Vestavia Hills are also good options for new residents.


Birmingham is one of the happiest cities in the state of Alabama. With such a low cost of living and great job opportunities, how could residents not be happy?

The cost of living in Birmingham, Alabama is lower than the national average. Lower costs of living will give you the option of saving your money and other finances for cases of emergencies.

Having those funds put aside for emergencies will allow you to be protected from unforeseen problems that can and will arise. All due to the lower costs which helped you save those funds because saving money is always a good thing.

There are plenty of diverse job opportunities that are available. Some of the jobs that are available include jobs like cashiers and retail workers, but you also have access to other things like account management and other special opportunities.

Mountain Brook

You have to love Mountain Brook, even though the cost of living that it costs to live there is among the most expensive, there are great chances to get good job opportunities. You can truly see why Mountain Brook is such a happy place.

Mountain Brook unfortunately has a high cost of living. It is so high that real estate is ranked among the highest in the state. Although that may sound discouraging, don’t let it.

The houses may be expensive in the area, but they are beautiful and are definitely worth the value that each of them may hold. So you can feel more comfortable knowing that you will be getting a good value for your home.

There are many job options in Mountain Brook. You have simpler options that can range from cashiering jobs to a bartender or you have opportunities like warehouse working and or management.

With gorgeous homes that are worth the higher values that they are going for and a wide variety of job opportunities for those that seek them out, how could you not believe that Mountain Brook is one of the happiest cities in Alabama?

Vestavia Hills

Why is Vestavia Hills one of the happiest cities and ranked one of the best places to live in Alabama? Well, it must be the low cost of living and the great job opportunities that are available to the people around it.

Vestavia Hills has one of the lowest costs of living when you compare it to other cities that surround other states in the United States. Saving money can really be a lifesaver, especially in times of emergencies.

What if your house needs repairs or a bill needs to be paid? With those spare funds, you will be able to take care of any problems that arise in the future.

You also have access to many different job opportunities in Vestavia Hills. Your job can range from cashiering all the way up to associates for different companies and positions.

Photo by Raka Miftah from Pexels