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The Different Parts Of A Vape Pen Explained

The Different Parts Of A Vape Pen Explained

Published by Programme B

Many people who plan to use vapes to quit smoking can get overwhelmed with the amount of information given to them once they start using the best vape pen. While it may seem like a lot, the parts of a vape are simple to understand. This vape guide will explain different vape parts and how they work for you.  

Cartomizer, Tank, or Pod

The vape tank goes on top of the device itself; it stores e juice that your device turns into vapor. It is important to know that not all vape boxes have tanks. Some of them are made for dripping juices, also called rebuildable drip atomizers or RDA.  


Without an atomizer, you cannot have a fully functioning vape device. It is responsible for creating vapor. The atomizer is usually sold with the tank. There are a few categories of atomizers you should know about when vaping.


A battery powers all vaping devices. Some vape pods do not have a removable battery, while larger vape box mods have changeable batteries. Many people prefer to have a removable battery so they can charge one while using another. There are different types of batteries for different vapes, and you should buy one that works best with your device. People who are just starting to vape tend to use internal batteries that already come inside a vape pod. In contrast, more experienced vapers tend to buy devices with external batteries for external charging and longer battery life. 

Display Screen

Display screens are necessary for vape mods with adjustable controls. Displays will allow you to see the wattage, coil resistance, voltage, ampere, and sometimes even the puff count. Other vape devices have different modes, such as power, VPC, temperature control, battery level, and bypass. 

USB Charging Port

The two most common types of charging ports on a vaping device are micro USB and USB C. These are the same cables used to charge cell phones like Samsung and Google. 

Button Controls

Button controls are standard in most modern vapes. For rebuildable tanks, it is necessary to control the wattage to get the proper vape hit you want. Most vape devices have buttons; they just depend on complexity. Vape pods generally have one or two buttons for power and to switch modes.  

Fire Button

The fire button is the button you need to press when you want to puff. Some devices may not have a fire button and instead have an automatic draw when you inhale. Another function of the fire button in pod mods is to turn your device on or off. It usually requires you to press it multiple times. There might also be a combination of buttons that lock your device and prevent you from accidentally pressing the buttons. 


While there is a lot of information about vape parts, much of it is self explanatory and straightforward. Make sure to always read the user manual first as it’s there to explain the functions to you. 

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