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6 Causes Of Personal Injuries And How To Amend Them

6 Causes Of Personal Injuries And How To Amend Them

Published by Programme B

The number of personal injuries is countless, with people getting involved in accidents almost all the time. In most cases, even if the other party involved carries most of the weight and responsibility, the injured person is left without any real compensation for the sustained trauma and harm. 

This can happen for several reasons, the main being the victim’s lack of knowledge regarding the issue, as most don’t think of certain accidents as a violation of their basic human rights. This is why one must be informed of the type of injury and what he/she can claim after it. To that end, in the text below we’ll discuss six common personal injuries and how to amend them.

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Cycling accidents

Unfortunately, due to the exposure of vital body parts, cyclists often sustain life-threatening and serious injuries. Even if the person is responsible and makes sure to have the proper gear for protection when a car at high-speed bumps into the bike, the chance of sustaining an injury is almost inevitable. Cyclists are also in danger due to the lack of sound, as most car drivers cannot hear the cyclist approaching, and sometimes blind angles and corners prevent them from seeing the person adequately. 

All these road factors, like a lack of visibility and sound, increase the chances of an accident occurring. In the case of such incidents, you are entitled to compensation and have a right to claim any financial payments afterward. Insurance doesn’t refer to car accidents only but to a wide range of life-threatening situations which can disable you.

Car accidents

A quick online search can show you a rough estimate of the number of car accidents in the previous year. The numbers vary from state to state, but around 40,000 is usually the benchmark. It seems staggeringly high, but with road traffic and a lack of proper regulations, it is a wonder these numbers are not higher. However, in the case of car accidents, there are a few steps you should follow to secure your right to compensation afterward. As the folks at explain, when other drivers do not obey the rules of the road, even the most cautious drivers might be involved in an accident. You must immediately call an ambulance and contact the local police station. If you are feeling well enough, try taking pictures or video footage of the whole scene to secure your case in court.

Furthermore, the assistance of a personal injury lawyer is critical in these circumstances, as these professionals will guide you through the complex legal procedure and assist you in fighting for your rights and adequate compensation.

By the same token, try to exchange numbers with the other party, and take note of their license plate number and email address. Collect all the names and contact information available and make sure to ask for the forensics and medical reports later on. With all this evidence gathered, you should have a strong enough case to claim compensation from the insurance company!

Motorcycle injuries and accidents

Like cyclists, motorcycle drivers are prone to injuries and accidents and are even exposed to a higher risk factor due to the power and velocity of their vehicle. Even with full gear on, the injuries you sustain can often disable you for months to come, meaning you’ll have quite a lot of expenses to deal with. Neck injuries, broken arms and ribs, head injuries, and even spine injuries are prevalent, as are minor concussions and bruising. And as with the above mentioned, you should act accordingly, taking note of the accident if you happen to be in good health and contacting the police and a hospital.


As pedestrians, you are often at the mercy of the approaching driver, and sometimes the traffic lights and the pedestrian crossing cannot protect you from wild drivers regardless of these regulations.

As these accidents can have a deadly outcome or life-treating injuries, your rights to compensation are protected by the law. One thing we advise is always taking the safe route, looking at the traffic lights, and making sure there is no approaching vehicle.

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A simple slip-and-fall

No matter how “ funny” it might sound, these accidents have proven to be extremely dangerous with serious outcomes. In the case of slippery floors without the proper signs informing you of the possible danger, you have a right to claim full compensation for the sustained injury. These accidents are notorious for causing serious back, neck, and head injuries that disable an individual, often for weeks.

Sexual abuse and trauma

Due to cultural prejudice and a lack of knowledge, people often tend to withstand sexual, emotional, and even physical abuse in marriages and relationships. Often, due to a pathological fear of rejection and societal stigmatization, individuals choose to stay in such a relationship, unaware that the law is protecting their mental well-being and basic rights. If you happen to be in such a relationship, we strongly advise reaching out for help, contacting a lawyer, gathering evidence of the possible vitriol, and putting a stop to this cycle of abuse.

All these situations are more common than we think, and often people are negligent of their rights, believing the accident is too “mild” or irrelevant. This is almost never the case, as even “mild” accidents can leave deep psychological scars and traumas, which is another point on the list you can claim compensation for.