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10 Gifts Your Canadian Friends Will Love

10 Gifts Your Canadian Friends Will Love

Published by Leonardo Calcagno

If you have friends or relatives in Canada, you know that they are a special breed! They love hockey, maple syrup, and, of course, Tim Horton’s coffee. But what do you get for a gift? The following is a list of 10 gifts your Canadian friends will love, from Canadian gift baskets to sweet treats and practical reminders of home.

  1. Hockey Sticks or Pucks

For the hockey lover in your life, give them a new stick or puck to show your support for their favourite sport. Hockey sticks and pucks are always a great gift for Canadian friends because they love their hockey. If you know your friend is a big fan of a certain team, you could even get them tickets to a game or a jersey of their favourite player. 

  1. Maple Syrup

Nothing says Canada like maple syrup. Give your friends a bottle of pure Canadian maple syrup to put on their pancakes, waffles, or even ice cream. They will love the taste of Canada in every bite. Maple syrup is one of the most popular gifts for Canadians because, for most, it’s a simple reminder of home.

  1. A Gift Basket Full of Canadian Treats

If you really want to impress your Canadian friends, Canadian gift baskets are the way to go. This could include maple syrup, Tim Horton’s coffee, maple cookies, and even some poutine seasoning. They will love the thoughtfulness of this gift and be able to enjoy some of their favourite treats from Canada.

  1. Clothing With the Canadian Flag or Maple Leaf On It

Another great gift idea for Canadians is clothing with the Canadian flag or maple leaf on it. This could be a t-shirt, scarf, hat, or even a pair of socks. They will love being able to show their Canadian pride with this stylish and practical gift.

  1. Tim Horton’s Coffee or Gift Cards

Many Canadians consider Tim Horton’s coffee to be a national treasure. Get your friends a gift card to their favourite coffee shop or even a box of their favourite Tim Horton’s coffee. They will love being able to enjoy a cup of Canada’s favourite coffee.

  1. Beer Mugs With the Canadian Flag on Them

For the beer lover in your life, consider a set of pint glasses or mugs with the Canadian flag on them. They will love being able to drink their favourite beer out of a glass that shows their pride in Canada.

  1. A Canadian Flag License Plate Frame

For the car lover in your life, a license plate frame with the Canadian flag on it is sure to please. They will love being able to show their patriotism everywhere they go, and if not, they can hang it on the wall in their home or office as a reminder of home. 

  1. A Map of Canada Poster

This is a great gift for anyone who loves Canada or even just for someone who needs a reminder of where Canada is. They will love being able to look at this map and see all of the different provinces and territories that make up their home turf.

  1. Canadian Flag Coasters

Canadian flag coasters are a great way to show your Canadian pride and your class—not to mention they’re also practical. Your friends will love being able to use them to protect their furniture from water rings.

  1. Mackintosh’s Soft Caramel Mous Candies 

These candies are a Canadian-made classic, and your friends will love being able to indulge in them. They are perfect for sharing or for keeping all to oneself. Either way, they are sure to be a hit with anyone who loves caramel.


There you have it—10 gift ideas for your Canadian friends that they are sure to love. No matter what your budget is, there is sure to be something on this list that will please them.

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