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Mobile Games Are Taking Over | Six Reasons Why

Mobile Games Are Taking Over | Six Reasons Why

Published by Programme B

Mobile Games Are Taking Over

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives, and the gaming industry is no different. The industry is buzzing, as evident from the number of online casinos, such as Ice casino online, streaming tournaments, and other competitions that are coming up. And the word “gaming-on-the-go” has now become a catchphrase. 

Thanks to hardware and software improvements over the last decade, you can now play all sorts of games on the go. Offered through a combination of optimized mobile sites and applications, this new generation of gaming has brought entertainment to our fingertips. 

But this is not all it has done. A closer look at most mobile games, and you’ll realize they have something their PC counterparts don’t have. And it’s because of these innovations that mobile games are slowly dominating the entertainment gaming industry. 

As outlined in the Global Newswire report, the tablet and smartphone games industry is expected to grow to $153.5 Billion by 2027. With mobile players constituting 52% of the market, developers have taken note and are working on getting a share of revenue coming from this lot. 

What Factors Have Contributed to the Growth and Popularity of Mobile Games? 

There are a few factors that have gradually made mobile games become the go-to medium for those who want to have a quick fix on their favourite game. We’ve outlined the popular reasons. 

They Are Easily Accessible

This is the most obvious reason why people play games on their mobiles. You have the freedom to play your favourite game whenever you feel like it. Whether on a long commute to work, at home unwinding, or at a boring movie, you can play your favourite game. You only need a stable internet connection to play. 

Improved Security Features

This point focuses on those of you who prefer streaming their services online. Although mobile games aren’t necessarily more secure than their PC counterparts, the former has two advantages; fingerprint access and facial recognition. 

Once you download your mobile game to your iOS or Android-powered device, only you can have access to it. Use the fingerprint or face ID to access the games. These two features have eliminated the need for the standard and tiresome password/username combination. 

More Innovative In-Game Features

Another reason why people are increasingly playing mobile games is that they have some excellent innovations. Whether it’s a simple puzzle game or the more complex Multiplayer online battle arena games, they feature innovative features that make it enjoyable to play. These innovative features have made mobile gaming extremely engaging and fun to play.

Mobile Games Are Now Potentially More Lucrative

Gone are the days when playing games was just about having fun. Today, games, especially mobile ones, have prizes and tournaments with juicy rewards.

For example, mobile casino games have special in-game bonus rounds where you need to spin reels to line up matching symbols. Depending on the symbols you line up, you can trigger extra bonus rounds, which result in more wins. 

In games such as Call of Duty or PUGB, you can enroll in time-based tournaments where you shoot it out with millions of other players worldwide. The top 10, 100, or even 1000 get rewarded with goodies, ranging from cash prizes, merchandise, and much more. 

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality mobile gaming has become immersive, all thanks to virtual reality technology. Back in the day, when you wanted to have an immersive and better gaming experience, you would have to invest in quality software and headsets. It’s still the case today for PC players. 

However, with advancements in technology, you can skip all the investing in separate gear and enjoy an immersive gaming experience in one session, thanks to VR mobile gaming. The same games offered on PC and consoles have been incorporated into VR mobile games. These applications have great sound effects, graphics quality, and many other features. 

Touchscreen Technology Has Made Games More Interactive

The last reason why mobile games have become popular is that you can interact with them as you play. Let’s face it; we have foldable laptops with touch screens. You can play games on these PCs, but never can you play them in touch screen mode. You’ll need a mouse to click through different stages. This introduces a certain level of disconnect between the game and yourself. 

Mobile games, on the other hand, offer this much-needed connection. If you are playing a game such as Call of Duty, you have the option of automating the shooting or simply doing it manually. You get to drive the cars manually, parachute from airplanes manually, and decide where you’d like to land on the grid. You also control your player.

Bottom Line

PC gaming is still the dominant way of playing games in the iGaming industry. However, the tide is slowly shifting, and mobile games are taking over. Through a combination of efficiency, innovation and accessibility, mobile games have the capacity to accommodate, engage and entertain everyone. If you like staying abreast with innovation, it’s about time you shifted to mobile gaming or at least give it a try and see what the craze is all about!

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