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The Potential Therapeutic Breakthrough of Magic Mushrooms

The Potential Therapeutic Breakthrough of Magic Mushrooms

Published by Programme B

Various cultures and civilizations have a long history with magic mushrooms, as humans have consumed them for thousands of years. That’s because magic mushrooms are fungi that grow naturally around the world. 

There are over 116 species of mushrooms that contain psilocybin, the active ingredient that has psychedelic properties. This widespread occurrence and the multi-cultural consumption of these fungi helped pave the way for modern medicine. 

The stigma that hovered around magic mushrooms and other psychedelics over the last decades is fading as governments loosen their policies on them. Currently, 65 universities across North America and Europe are approved to conduct clinical studies using magic mushrooms to treat various diseases. 

This article will discuss how magic mushrooms are used as a treatment in recent clinical studies.

Magic Mushrooms as Treatment for Addiction 

A recent double-blind clinical study by the JAMA Network, a peer-reviewed medical journal, yielded invaluable data. The clinical trials lasted eight months, with over 93 participants suffering from alcohol addiction. 

The participants’ ages were between 25 to 65 years old. The focus of the trials was to give participants either psilocybin pills or placebo pills along with 12 psychotherapy sessions. 

The findings:

A whopping 80% of those who received psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy significantly reduced their alcohol consumption, while only 50% received placebos. 

Additionally, after the eight-month trials, 50% of the participants who received psilocybin quit drinking. Meanwhile, only 25% of the participants who received placebos had stopped consuming alcohol.

Magic Mushrooms as Treatment for Depression  

Clinical trials by Columbia University, New York State Psychiatric Institute, and London-based biotech company Compass Pathways were successful. The study had 233 participants suffering from a treatment-resistant major depressive disorder. 

The participants were randomly picked to receive one of the three doses of psilocybin which were 25mg, 10mg, and 1mg, as the placebo, followed by psychotherapy. 

The findings: 

The study yielded impeccable results. The participants who received 25mg of psilocybin showed a tremendous decline in their depressive state. 

The study’s participants who received the highest single dose reported remission from depression in three weeks. The participants sustained remission for up to three months. However, participants who received 10mg of psilocybin didn’t show as much promise.  

The Opportunity to be Part of Studies

If you live in Canada, you may have the chance to participate in clinical studies that use psilocybin as a treatment. If you wish to experience the effects of shrooms before becoming a participant, don’t hunt for these mushrooms in the wild. Some mushrooms that look very similar to psilocybin are highly poisonous. 

Finding out where to buy magic mushrooms in Canada is a better approach. That way, you avoid the risk of getting poisoned. Buying from a credible source can also ensure your peace of mind, and you can focus on healing.


In recent years, the resurgence of clinical studies on psychedelic research has given hope to people suffering from treatment-resistant disorders. This resurgence is often dubbed the second renaissance of psychedelic research

Although the science behind psilocybin-aided therapy is still in its infancy, recent studies support its efficacy. They debunk previous claims that magic mushrooms and other psychedelics hold no medicinal value. Psychedelics provide an excellent option for people who want to try the non-traditional approach.