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5 Ways To Make A Hotel More Eco Friendly

5 Ways To Make A Hotel More Eco Friendly

Published by Programme B

Many tourists may not think of their ecological impact during their travels. However, that doesn’t imply that vacationers don’t consider the environment when picking hotels or preparing for a week away. For example, they might choose a hotel with an EV charging station in order to charge their car.

In light of this, here are five ways hotels may go greener and draw in more environmentally conscious visitors.

1. Planet Friendly Housekeeping

It makes sense that sanitation and cleanliness, particularly for organizations in the hotel industry, continue to be significant priorities as people strive to recover from the effects of COVID-19.

But eliminating germs doesn’t mean destroying the environment, and hotels may change their cleaning procedures in several ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

  • Replace soap with refillable soap dispensers
  • Make replacing the bed linens and towels an option that visitors must request during shorter visits, as opposed to doing so by default
  • Select green laundry products
  • Obtain green single-use products
  • Shorten your showers
  • Clean with steam


2. Reduce The Plastic Usage

Less plastic and rubbish is one way to lessen your hotel’s adverse environmental effects. Consider using reusable and biodegradable packaging and other items that guests can take with them when they visit to reduce waste.

Stop using standard shampoo and conditioner luxury bottles, as this is a simple additional strategy to reduce plastic waste. To ensure a positive visitor experience, you might still be required to provide services, but doing so need not be expensive for the environment, and your visitors will appreciate it. Think about huge quantities of options or cartridges.

3. Monitor Water Waste

Since water is a finite resource, each hotel must do its share to reduce waste as much as possible. Start switching to washing machines that consume less water, reduce swimming pool water use, and implement clever water management systems. This will significantly minimize electricity use, which leads to fewer costs and water usage.

4. Energy Efficient Lighting

If you take the proper precautions, you can save up to 50,000 hours of light in your hotel. With the proper measures, you can also use 75% less energy and generate up to 80% less heat, maintaining your role in protecting our environment.

You can give special responsibilities to employees to turn off the lights when no one is in the room. Energy is lost in large amounts when lights are not turned off. You can use specific lighting regulated at the reception or management office to monitor and control light usage.

5. Recycle

Use your hotel’s resources wisely. Recycle your rubbish to lessen environmental influence. Glass bottles, plastic bottles, jars, cardboard, food and beverage cans, electrical equipment, and more might all be recycled. Consider implementing a recycling program at your hotel, even if it’s just labels, scheduling pick-ups, etc.

Make recycling a routine practice at your hotel, and guests will do the same. Travellers who care about the environment will always be eager to support your efforts to improve and protect it. These few options can be a significant change in protecting our environment.

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