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Essential Guide of Bail Bonds- Steps To Get the Bail 

Essential Guide of Bail Bonds- Steps To Get the Bail 

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It can be stressful for the individuals and their families of those who are appearing in court. Besides the stress of getting arrested, there remains a huge trauma of huge money loss till they appear in court. The bail bonds help reduce stress to some extent. This post will provide you with an essential guide the bail bonds.

What are bail bonds?

Bail bonds are agencies that pledge money as the surety for the accused person till they appear in court.  Banks and other financial institutions will not lend money for providing bail. Therefore the bail bond agencies take the responsibility and the risks for helping the accused.

How do the bail bonds work?

When a person is arrested, a date and a specific amount will be given. The friends or relatives will pay for the release between the date of the arrest and the date of a court appearance. When the accused skip the bail and does not pay the money to the agency, the case will be taken up by the court.

When you get arrested, what are the steps to get bail?

Step 1: Call an Agent of Bail Bonds

When you or your loved ones get arrested and you do not have the money for bailing yourself, you should call a bail agent immediately. You need to provide information like

  • Full name of the arrested person
  • In which jail they are in
  • Their report or the booking number
  • What charges they are accused of 
  • Any other information you can provide

Step 2: Paperwork

Bail bond agents will guide you to sign paperwork for securing your services. You need to pay an amount to the agent. It is a percentage of the entire bail amount and the amount will only be signed off on any collateral of the bond.

Step 3: Bail Posting

The bail bond agents will meet you at the specific jail where you or your loved one is being arrested.

Step 4: After posting bail, the release may take place after half an hour to a few hours depending on how crowded the jail is.

What to do when your friend is on a bail bond?

When anyone is released from jail, make sure that they do not miss the next court date and meet all the conditions of their bail. These useful tips from Apex bail bonds will help you to ensure that they do not miss the dates.

  • Make sure they are happy and positive about  decreasing their risk of flight
  • Keep a strong relationship with the accused so that they never feel alone
  • Distract them from negative influences


When the arrested person seeks financial or mental support, bail bond agencies play a great role. The arrested persons are distracted from the negative influences and you should always keep a strong and positive relationship with the accused for making them positive and happy even after getting bail. The accused should never miss the appointed dates on which they need to appear in court or else they will have to get severe court orders later.

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