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The dirtiest areas in an office

The dirtiest areas in an office

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While you share the bathroom with other co-workers, you might be surprised to find out that the toilet seat is cleaner than most parts of the office. It’s probably cleaned very often, while some of the areas with the most traffic get very little attention. In fact, some of the dirtiest areas in the office might surprise you. But the best thing is that you can always get a professional cleaning service to reach and clean every area in the office leaving it spick and span. With the right help from office cleaners in melbourne, you are able to clean not just the open areas in the office but also the invisible ones that could be very dirty.

To that end, the following are the dirtiest areas in the office you should be paying attention to.


Cleaning crews are likely to find the workplace microwave to be among the dirtiest areas. Cleaning is not the job of a single employee because the kitchen is used by all work departments. The microwave cleaning schedule falters in the absence of unambiguous delegation.

The fact that office microwaves might become dirty in numerous locations is another important distinction. For instance, the microwave door knobs are frequently touched, which encourages the growth of bacteria. Additionally, the interior rotating tray is probably covered in food debris. All of it is without bringing up terrible mishaps or spills.

Window blinds

Window blinds that are covered with dust are not only extremely unclean, but also potentially dangerous. When the window is opened, dust may become dislodged, causing people inside the office to inhale large amounts of potentially harmful allergens such dust, dust mites, and minute bits of dirt.

Dust irritates the nose, so when it enters the respiratory system, it runs the danger of causing inflammation and additional harm. When allergies are in season, the danger is increased.

Coffee pots

Many staff in most offices come into daily touch with the handle of the coffee maker. And unfortunately, these handles are not disinfected or cleaned very often. Not all workers clean their hands before handling office appliances either. This contributes to more dirt on the coffee pot handles. Daily emptying, rinsing, and a deep clean should be performed on the coffee maker to ensure that it’s always clean.

Door handles

Consider how many individuals visit, wander through, and depart the offices of your clients every day. There are a lot of hands clutching the doorknobs at once.

The number of times your office doors are touched each week makes them one of the dirtiest areas of the building. Additionally, they must be included in the cleaning process in order to prevent the growth and spread of dangerous bacteria among the workers.

Desk telephones

The idea of washing down the desk phones is never considered. However, phones accumulate bacteria, dust, and potentially deadly germs from saliva over time, making them a prime source of office germs. Office workers who work directly with their hands, faces, or ears may get skin problems.

They can be easily cleaned on a regular basis with a disinfectant wipe. So, receptionists and other phones located throughout the business building should not be overlooked!

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